About Diandra

Founder of Inward Journey

Photo DiandraDiandra is an internationally-known spiritual teacher, retreat leader and personal consultant. In 1986 Diandra left a successful career in finance to dedicate her life to full-time spiritual service. In 1993 Diandra and her soul mate, Batavia co-founded Inward Journey – Gateway to Expansion, an organization dedicated to helping others find and live their inner truths. Inward Journey maintains a base in the Chicagoland area.

Diandra joins with others in this organization to bring the message of remembrance that we are Love. Those whose lives she touches feel her love for others, this planet, and all life.

Diandra spent much of her younger life with missionary grandparents under whose guidance she developed a deep relationship with the spiritual essence of life. This spiritual awareness would prepare her for her life today.

In 1980 Diandra was involved in an automobile accident that left her in bed with a back injury for fourteen months. During that time, her constant search was for a deeper understanding of God, truth and the meaning of life. This search led to months of prayer, meditation and continuous questions to the Creator. She wrote the answers she received in a journal. Slowly she began to realize this knowledge was from a source with greater awareness than her.

"I was searching for God and truth," says Diandra, "I then began to channel a universal consciousness that went beyond the understanding of my analytical mind."

When she asked where this information was coming from, the answer was Salem. Salem’s message is a practical one of healing your fear, pain and limitation with the power of unconditional love. Since that time Salem has shared many truths giving great guidance for a better way of life on this planet.

Diandra sums up her feelings on spiritual awakening with one special thought: "The essence of spirituality is something that resides in each one of us. Like any journey, we may choose different paths to find that place of peace, love and harmony within ourselves. However there is an innate guidance system within the soul that will gently lead us all home."

Diandra sums up herself by saying, "Communication is my life’s work and soul’s path. When those communications reach a place of deep inner truth in others, a time of healing pain and limitation begins to take place in their lives. We will heal our planet as we heal ourselves. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a positive influence in so many lives and the spiritual awakening taking place in our world."

Diandra is author of the book A New Day Is Dawning (available at your local bookstore or from the Inward Journey website). She makes her home with her husband in the Chicagoland area and is the mother of two with four grandchildren.

Diandra enjoys helping people find their inner truth and is available for personal consultations either in person or by phone. Having over twenty years of consulting experience, she gives clients insight into important issues affecting their lives. Diandra has helped thousands of people all over the world gain clarity, direction and purpose in their lives. Clients consistently comment on the accuracy, professionalism and empowering nature of Diandra’s consultations.

Today, Diandra no longer does consultations. Instead, she devotes her energy to making Salem's messages available through the subscription program.