Introduction to Salem

Truths, Tenets Behind the Message

If you are new to Salem’s work, this page provides an introduction so you will be better orientated as you explore our website and better able to decide the value of Salem’s message for your life.

Basic Salem Tenets

  • You are an expression of God, and as such, you are endowed with unlimited creative ability with unlimited freewill.
  • All life is one.
  • Your belief that you are separate from all things caused you to think your existence could be threatened; as such, you created a means to protect yourself, which is your Ego System.
  • Your Ego System is comprised of your mental body and emotional body. You also have a system of chakras that works with your ego system.
  • The emotional body is your first line of defense to protect and keep you safe.
  • The mental body computes whether you are safe based on the perceptions of your past experiences.
  • Your chakras store the perceptions of your experiences so they are readily available to help determine your safety.
  • There is only Fear and Love. Fear is illusion and Love is reality.
  • You Primarily live from your ego belief system, which is a fear–based, safety driven life rather than from who you really are, an unlimited freewill creator, which is Love, and the Reality.

Observe Your Life

If you doubt these tenants are true, take some time to observe how you experience your life, and see if your actions are driven from a need to be safe. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Worry about anything is based on fear.
  • Judging people, situations, etc.
  • Defending opinions.
  • Having needs and what you will do to fulfill these needs.
  • How much of your day is spent at peace and in harmony with what is happening in your life.

We are not saying you do not have good reasons to live from the ego and take the actions that are driven from a concern of safety. But if by examining your life you begin to see areas that are driven from your ego belief system then that is a significant realization on your journey.

How do I know that I am more than my ego?

That is where that questioning, that inner voice, that nudge from within comes in. Nudges are not a response to something you have read: they come from that “something more” that knows you are more. The only way to overcome your doubt is to be willing to take the chance to find out, for only you can lift the veil to discover who you really are.

So how do you begin?

Just to be clear, we are not saying to let down all of your ego defense mechanisms and take the biggest fear in your life and start there. For one, your ego most likely will not let you do that, for you have lived too long from the ego for that kind of approach to be successful. Secondly, the ego is not your enemy but your creation; a better approach is to make your ego a partner, working together to adapt a different way of living life. The idea is not to destroy the ego but to evolve the ego.

If you are still following us at this point, you most likely have an understanding that you primarily live from your ego belief system and would like to live life from more of who you really are. The key is knowing. Understanding is information for the mind, but what you really want to achieve is a knowing that you as an expression of God are truly an unlimited freewill creator. That is why it is a journey. That is not to say some may come to this awareness, knowing, very quickly, while for others, it may takes a bit longer. It is not important how long it takes for time is part of the illusion. If someone makes the jump sooner, it just makes it easier for everyone else because we are all one. So here are some steps Salem has given to jump–start your journey.

  1. Incorporate the Universal Principles into your daily life.
  2. Daily clear your chakras to help remove the confusion of your perceptions, so you can clearly perceive your experiences and more fully live your life.
  3. Meditate to get in touch with your soul and spirit and allow your unconditional Love to flow through you. What flows through you is returned many–fold.
  4. Look for the beauty in everything around you.
  5. Trust and believe you have a power within you that will keep you safe and all things work for your higher good.
  6. Give thanks daily for the blessings that flow into your life.
  7. Ask for help from Salem, the Angels, your spirit guides, your higher self. The Angels, Spirit Guides and Salem cannot help unless you ask, for they cannot interfere with your freewill. So if you want help, ask!
  8. Download and listen to the Free Salem Message “2008 & Beyond: Preparing for 2012”. It is packed with many insights to help you on your journey.

Salem has been laying the foundation for these truths for many years and over time has given many techniques in an effort to help humanity remember who they truly are. The information given on this page is a brief, but powerful summary that will well serve anyone who desires to discover their inner power and the reality of who they really are.

The planet today is undergoing incredible changes. It is in a transition in which the old ego ways of control and manipulation will no longer work. A new way of living is required to bring about your desires without struggle and living on a planet that is the playground it was always meant to be.

All of the articles, tools, and resources on this website are provided to help you on your journey of self–discovery to know the reality of who you are. That is what we do. We know that this journey is not for everyone and that is o.k., but if the information on this website helps in anyway to make your life easier, allowing you to have more peace, harmony, and joy in your life then we are also enriched, for we are all one.

Tip: Don’t take your self too seriously. Lighten up and enjoy your journey!