An Interview With An Angel

Archangel Raphael through Diandra

Article Summary

In this channeled conversation with Archangel Raphael, Diandra explores our fascination with angels. In particular, how angels interact with us to protect us and act as our guardian angel.

The following information was channeled through Diandra.

What is our fascination with the angels? Who or what are they? How do they manifest themselves to us? Are there some things angels cannot do? Do we all have one or more guardian angels with us at all times? The list of questions we might ask an angel is endless.

Angels are an enigma. We seem to know of them and about them, yet we don't fully understand how they operate. How do they fit into our lives? We believe they can protect us, possibly guide us, and remove obstacles from our path. Yet we often do not seem to feel they can always be depended upon to be there for us.

We believe angels are somehow superior to us. They are not. They only express more fully their true nature of divinity. If we were to express our divinity fully we would have more ability than the angels. They are, however, ready and most anxious to help us to express that divine part of ourselves. Here are a few questions I decided to ask. The rest of this article is a channeled conversation with Archangel Raphael.

Diandra: Do we all have guardian angels? If so, why and how do we best interact with our angels?

Raphael: The angelic kingdom is ever present at all times. You have need for a personal safety so you have come to understand this manifested energy presence as a personal guardian angel or supernatural force acting on your behalf and for your benefit. So yes, you all have guardian angels.

Here are some areas that will help you to open consciously to this presence. First, do not believe that any power is greater than yourself. Do believe that all creation works in harmony to bring about the greatest good for all. Your desire should be for this total awareness of which angels are a part. We can and do communicate with you as you allow and open your consciousness to help you achieve this awareness.

Second, ask for the help of the angels. By asking you activate the energy of angelic power to interact with your actions. Angelic power is like going from 5 amps of power to 5000 amps of power. We can increase your power. We can do this because we are a part of you that is not limited by your ego belief system of limitation.

Third, all can communicate with angels. Allow yourself to trust, believe and go beyond your analytical mind. You are then opening to higher awareness including the angelic kingdom.

We the angels ask you, "Why do you wish to communicate with angels?" We think you do this because you live from your frightened ego and believe angels somehow can enhance or make your life richer or safer. We have no power over your freewill choices. We can and will help you to realize your own unlimited divinity and guide you into the awareness of the beauty of the human soul. You are more than we. We are only a part of you.

Diandra: Why do you say angels are a part of us?

Raphael: All life is one. There is no separation. It is your mind that has need of this belief in separation. You only accept what your conscious awareness understands to be a part of you. As you are a part of each life form on the planet, so you are a part of all existence in your universe. It is you.

Diandra: Why is it that sometimes it seems angels protect us from danger and at other times they seem to be no where around?

Raphael: How can we not be around? We are you. Sometimes you allow yourself to flow with life and at other times you do not, so your divine consciousness must be in control to allow the interaction with the angels. Your ego system, or the analytical mind, has no data input prior to an experience with an angel to believe in the interaction.

In a crisis moment are you trusting your analytical mind to compute the solution or do you call upon your divine mind to allow all possibilities? All possibilities allow the manifestation of angelic power. This choice may or may not be conscious at that moment.

No matter what your belief system your divinity can emerge just as your adrenaline can flow under certain stress conditions. An example of this is when someone can physically lift an automobile in a time of crisis. Their adrenaline rush allows them to do the seemingly impossible task. Your divine nature can express itself just like your adrenaline in a crisis. You may interpret this divine intervention as an angel, a power outside of yourself. Even though angels are manifested as a separate form, they are still a part of you.

We understand how difficult this concept seems to you. Just accept that all life is one. It is not important that your mind understand this only that you trust in the All That Is and accept that All That Is is you.

Diandra: Thank you for our conversation.

Copyright 1995 Diandra