Fabric of Creation - Energy

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

In this series, Fabric of Creation, Salem explains the building blocks of the creation process. In the first part of this series, energy is explored. Energy is not something that you can touch, feel, grab, or know in anyway through the physical senses, yet it is the raw material from which all creations originate.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We want to lay some groundwork as you find things moving in a different way than they have before. You may find the unexpected happening to you with everything expanding and having more intensity. You are entering into an extremely high vibrational rate of energy and thus we thought it to be an opportune time to speak about the creative process: what it is, how it takes place, what your role is in it, and how you both manipulate and co-create what you know.

You create from many levels of consciousness, but confusion lies between those levels, and if there is not clarity, then you are not able to produce the results you would like to have. We have found your mind needs to understand in order for you to be at peace and allow your Soul and your Spirit to be part of the process. So we want to give some information for the mind, trusting you will internalize the information and thus help you relax from feeling the need to be in control, for you are limiting yourself based on your fear and perceptions that you are not safe.

Now, you have many thoughts and definitions of what you consider to be energy, and we recognize that you use the term in many ways. We will define energy from our view as part of the fabric of creation and in the other parts of this series we will explore the vibrations that come from energy, and then the reflections you perceive from this creation process. So for a moment, lay aside everything that you think you know of what you would call energy.

Energy, as we define it, is the raw material of creation. It is not a tangible or fixed, hard, substance. You cannot picture energy, grab hold of energy, or sense energy through your physical senses in any definitive manner. Energy can never be destroyed, and you can never run out of energy, for it shall always be. You are only energy and all that exists is energy. Energy is the latent possibilities of all existence, of all creation; all things that have been, are, or can be, come from energy. Energy is the first materialization and pure by-product from Sacred Void.

Sacred Void

Sacred Void is what you may call Universal Principle, God, Creative Source, but whatever it is, it is beyond your mental comprehension and ability to understand. We use the term Sacred Void because we feel it will not conjure up any preconceived conceptions within your mind. Sacred void is Divinity, the All-That-Is. It is the place where all things originate.

Now every place is Sacred Void, and you are filled with Sacred Void. The air that you breathe, and what you perceive to be empty space, is primarily filled with Sacred Void. It is everywhere and yet it encompasses nothing. That is why we call it the Sacred Void, Divinity, God. Sacred Void is the life essence, the life force that holds everything together. There cannot be existence without Sacred Void being the primary factor of that existence. So your physical body is primarily Sacred Void, Divinity.

Energy: Unlimited Potential

Energy being the first materialization from Sacred Void has all of the properties of Sacred Void. Many of those properties are, as of yet, unidentified in your particular world. But because energy was the first materialization from Sacred Void, energy has the potential for everything. Now, from that potential, energy is an active, energized, intelligence with unlimited possibilities and unlimited capability of formation, but it has no particular definition as to the possibilities that can come forth. Energy is the virgin, raw material of creation without shape or form.

Energy Activation

So what begins to give definition to energy? Thought gives definition to energy. When the ancients said “I spoke” they meant I not only thought I activated. When you here the word “I spoke” it is “I activated the energy”. As I thought, I spoke, I activated. Now the activation of energy still does not mean energy has taken a tangible form. But you have activated and begun the process of creation with this intelligent potential of unlimited possibilities. Everywhere is filled with energy waiting to be activated. And the energy will take various shapes and forms as you think, speak and activate it. Even though you cannot tangibly hold energy in your hands, it is just as real, has just as much effect upon your life as does the solid forms of energy that you identity with in a physical sense. So, energy is All-That-Is with the potential of unlimited possibilities activated by thoughts, intents, and words.

Now when you think, from this unlimited potential you have activated energy. Once energy has been activated, it cannot go back into the field of pure unlimited potential, but it will take some type of form be that tangible or intangible. So once you activate the energy and create, that creation exists forever. You can transform the creation but you can never un-create it.

Energy Pattern

If you can imagine a lot of beautiful, little, snowflakes falling and a wind comes along and swirls the snowflakes making a pattern, the same is with energy. It forms a pattern. So as thought creates the possibility, the possibility begins to take a form, and as that possibility begins to expand it forms an energy pattern. If that possibility unites with other creations or you hold a strong focused thought over and over and over, then this possibility can become a dominant energy pattern forming it's own possibility. It is still a possibility, but it is an energy pattern.

Like Creations Attract

When you have a thought, or set an intent, but then you drop it, forget about it doing nothing more with it; what happens? You activated energy and set in motion a possibility. Now that possibility has to manifest into something and so it will first search all of your creations in an attempt to align with or add to another one of your creations. From energy, a possibility is manifesting and will seek to join with other creations of like kind (like attracts like) forming a stronger creation.

So for instance: If you become angry, you have a creation of energy that is uniquely yours that is anger. So if your thought is 'why didn't they close the door when they went out?' and you go close the door and think it is over and you forget about it, but the energy of your words, your intent, created from the universal energy. Now that creation does not just disappear when you forget about what you just said. Instead, it looks for one of your creations, as you are the creator, and aligns itself with it. So if the creation can find a field that has properties similar to that particular manifestation, it will anchor to that field and make that field stronger. Now, of course, the other side of that is with every positive, loving, good thing that you think, say, or do does the same. So know that you cannot have a single thought, intent, word, or action that does not create from energy, for energy is where creation begins, having an impact in your world.

Seldom will you have a thought producing a creation that cannot align with one of your existing creations. But let us say you do. You have a brand new, virgin, creation. It simply becomes another one of your creations and depending on the circumstances may not be as strong or dominant as your other creations that have been reinforced over and over again.

Creations Are Not Fixed

Energy will always be the component from sacred nothingness that holds all possibilities. Because activated energy is manifested in a certain way though does not mean it is fixed. If it were fixed, you could not transform your creations or change yourself. You would be a little baby forever. You grow because you expand, change and evolve the manifestation of the creation that is you in physical form. Sacred Void is continually sending out the impulse of energy so it never runs out, thus allowing creation to always expands and never be fixed. But remember, you are also creating intangible forms and those creations are not fixed either.

You as Energy

How did you become you from energy? What is going on inside of you? What is that unlimited field of possibilities manifesting within you? You were a possibility in an energy pattern as humanity before you were a physical form. Your thoughts before you were physical formed the possibility of an energy pattern that physically manifested into what would be called humanity. Recognize that you certainly are not just the physical form you think you are. You have other physical forms in the plant and animal kingdoms. So there is an energy connection that flows with your creation and with all creation because it is the same material manifested into different shapes and forms.

The energy pattern that exists within you now has been formed from lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. As you were born on this planet, you brought with you many of the possibilities you had formed in other lifetimes. This is why you have a talent though you may never use or develop it. But you brought the possibilities with you in your energy pattern and you have all of those possibilities. So, know that you are not a brand new creation starting from scratch.

So how can you shift or change your energy pattern? Remember that when energy is activated, it will join with a like creation reinforcing and expanding that creation. Therefore, as a possibility begins to unite with other possibilities or manifestations, then the energy pattern begins to expand and shift. So every thought you have expands upon the energy pattern within you that you brought from all your past lifetimes, and that is how you shift your energy pattern and also your world. The important thing for you to know about you and energy is that you are an ever-shifting energy pattern, the same as your creations are energy patterns. As your intents and thoughts shift and change, you are never the same from one second to the next nor are your creations. You are ever changing.

As you begin to have a clearer understanding of energy, being the first materialization from Sacred Void that is so beautifully unlimited with possibilities, and how you impact energy with your thoughts and intents, that your creations never disappear and are always there once they are created, then you begin to realize you truly are the creator of your world. That you have control of what happens to this energy in your universe. That it is up to you how you want your world to be, how you want your planet to be, how you want to exist as an energy pattern among all other energy patterns.

All of these energy creations you have created make up your world. Most of them you are not aware of because they are in an intangible form. For the most part, you obviously are aware of your tangible creations, but you are not so aware of your intangible creations. In fact, there are more intangible creations than tangible, so do not think of activated energy as just tangible or something you can physically touch, see or feel. From the universal energy pool of all possibilities you have created many creations tangible and intangible and this is your world.

Perceiving Your Creations

Now, you perceive that world. And as you perceive your creations, it is important to understand the way the creations commingle, and the way the energy flows. If your creations are in harmony, you perceive your world to be in harmony. But if your creations are not harmonious, then you feel your world is in disarray. You are unhappy, unsettled, and not satisfied. This can drive you forward to search for something else, something more, and sometimes this leads to many good things.

But what is so important is what is happening on your planet now, because every creation is strengthened much more then it used to be. So if you are happy, you are going to draw a lot of happiness to you. If you feel prosperous, you are going to draw a lot of prosperity to you. But if you want to be unhappy or angry, then likewise these creations will also be strengthened. And if you think about it, what good does that do you. Most likely what you think caused your anger or unhappiness is now in the past. You can only create in this moment, so do not let what you are holding on to in the past adversely affect what you desire to create now. This is how the past limits you and robs you because the energy you are activating is impacted with this limitation. Therefore, it is important to learn how to clear this level of consciousness, and one way to do that is by daily clearing your chakras.

So let go of the past. This is your moment. Right now your thoughts are creating from the energy that comes from Sacred Void. All of that ties in to your understanding of what is the origination of the creation process. And the origination is energy: you impact it; you shall always create from it and it will never run out. From this raw material of the creation process, the fabric of creation, you will expand into other universes. For you desire to create in a harmonious, loving, beautiful, synchronistic way. And when you allow your Soul and Spirit to do this, you will form a beautiful universal creation of exactly what you desire that attracts the strength from other like creations.

OK. It has been a great pleasure to share with you the role of energy in the creation process. We have given you a lot of information and yet we have tried to keep it simple. We hope you understand you are the creator having an unlimited field of possibilities to create from. That through your thoughts, you are creating all the time and your creations last forever. That once energy has been activated that energy pattern can be altered or changed, but it will always exist and never just dissipate into nothingness.

It is a fascinating process. You have been given a beautiful gift of unlimited potential of possibility. It is your gift that comes from the Creator, Sacred Void, All-That-Is. You can do with it what you like. If you can begin to understand the creative process and how you affect it, maybe you will allow yourself the benefit of creating from your Spirit. Because when you allow your Spirit to be part of your creation process, it greatly enhances your ability to create in the most perfect form all that you desire without struggle.

Many times we say to you play with life. And we mean that. Play with life. But you need to be serious about your creations. You need to have some recognition of the impact you have on yourself, your community, and your world. We say this to you because we know you care and you want to make a difference, and we want to help you to do that. And we leave you with love and I am Salem.

copyright Diandra 1996; Revised and Edited Diandra 2009