Personal Ascension

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Personal Ascension brings to you a broader awareness, a greater consciousness, a deeper meaning to your existence. And above all, it restores to you the peace and the joy and the Love and the harmony of your existence. It allows you to be one with All-That-Is with out resistance.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest respect for humanity. So many times you set your goal and intent to embrace the spiritual nature of who you are: to expand your consciousness into a greater arena of knowing, understanding and experiencing, in order that you might express the totality of all that you are.


In order for you to understand where you are going it is necessary to know where you have been. You are not a creation that has become a soul and just integrates, incarnates, becoming a part of universal consciousness, and then begins to express itself in third dimensional form on your planet. That has not happened.

Consciousness has always been and that is difficult to understand if you hold to the concept of time and space because there is no time and space. It is only because you believe there is time and space that it exists within your known consciousness. By known consciousness we mean the consciousness that you use as you express yourself in third–dimensional form.

Time and space did not exist until you created it and you created it for only one purpose, to be safe. Space came about as you forgot that you were the creator, one with everything, and thought of yourself as an individual entity requiring separation (having space) from those things that you perceived could harm you. Well what happens when you realize that you are not separate from your creations?

Time was created when you began to live from your experiences rather than from expression and required a linear progression to perceive your experiences so you could determine if you were safe or not. When once again you live from expression, from the totality of who you are, you will have no need for time.

Now knowing that consciousness has always been and it is consciousness that expresses itself in various forms, you have always been. There was never a beginning to you or a time that you did not exist. You may have existed in the totality of consciousness of what you may think of as God, but you existed. You have always been just as much in existence as you are in this moment, for within Sacred Void, All–That–Is, you existed, and in that existence everything that is possible exists. Now your Spirit has all of the knowledge of Sacred Void, because it can never be diluted by any experience, by any belief, by any perception that you may have of what is taking place. So that part, that is you, contains all–possibilities and you are everything that is possible.

As streams of energy went forth from Sacred Void and began to create and multiply into many worlds and dimensions, so you became your individualized expression or your Soul. Now your individualized expression began at some point without the presence of time, but it began. But you were already in existence. You were already conscious. So you have and are existing in many universes, many dimensions, many profound and different states of consciousness than the one you now know.

Now you have much more consciousness than you have an awareness of in this particular dimension, but you do not utilize it, so it is not known to you as you exist in your physical existence. So know that as you are today, you bring with you the totality of all that has ever been and all that shall ever be—all–possibilities—for it is all in this present moment and it exists totally within you.

Think of your consciousness as a broad expanse of awareness, and a tiny portion of that is your known consciousness to you, but it does not mean that the rest of the consciousness does not exist. Just because you do not remember, does not mean that other things do not exist or have not happened. Under the right conditions you could go into your subconscious bring forth that knowledge and very accurately remember. Likewise, your expanded consciousness is accessible to you. It is only a matter of correctly setting the conditions for you to access the rest of your consciousness.


What does ascension mean? Ascension is your realization of the rest of your conscious existence. As you ascend, you are merely expanding your known consciousness into an awareness that you are not presently using in your everyday world. So ascension is expanding consciousness and becoming aware of what you already are, the totality of who you are. Likewise, planetary ascension means the expansion of awareness of the mass consciousness.

"Ascension simply means remembering and expressing the totality of who you are."

Personal ascension is within your possibilities, your realm of being able to expand your awareness, but why would you want to ascend? Your very nature is that of totality. As long as you are not knowing and living in that totality you will always be searching, because your Soul knows you are more than what you are aware of at this time.

Personal ascension is about awareness not knowledge. Knowledge is information that is analyzed and computed from past data through the conscious mind. Awareness is revelation. Awareness is when you suddenly know that you know, and that knowing is not derived from information coming from outside of yourself. So knowledge and knowing are different. Knowing expands your consciousness.

As you expand your known consciousness, your awareness, you will become aware of the attributes of your existences in other dimensions. What you like to think of as other times and spaces but in reality they always exist in the present moment. Everything that is, always is, and is always in the eternal now moment, but it is segregated out in little bits and because of that you think it is isolated into a space and time.

As you expand your consciousness and begin to become aware of feelings, revelations, and knowing, realize that you are connecting with other parts of your beautiful consciousness that is you. You are connecting with your expression in other dimensions and other worlds which will enhance your experience and expression in this state of consciousness and be of great benefit for you. It will not just be abstract, interesting, knowledge, but will benefit your daily life on the planet and help you to understand why you are who you are today. This can come from dreams that are very real to you or for just a spit second you are literally living in a different space and time while that is how your consciousness sets out to process in space and time. Sometimes these moments are so brief you will question if they really happened. Yes, they did. For a brief moment, you expanded your consciousness enough to touch into an awareness that was not limited by your known consciousness of time and space.

Now, humanity has a tendency to feel that somewhere there is an existence that is perfect, a utopia, and that one day you will reach “that”, what ever “that” is to you. But truthfully there is a very limited existence of consciousness that is conflict free, for it is the conflict that you wish to free yourself from, not the existence on the planet. If your idea is that someday you will leave this planet and go to a place that is very beautiful and perfect that is still your search and quest for expanded consciousness.

"Ascension is right here, this is who you are; it is not leaving the planet."

Ascension is not about leaving the physical and existing on another plane. You already exist on many planes. You have no need to go to another plane. What you have need of is to expand your consciousness on this dimension with the awareness of the totality of your consciousness and bring all that you know in those other existences into the beauty of this complex physical existence. Your most complex expression is right here, and because of the complexity, it can be the most superior of experiences.

Ascension is about bringing your total awareness into your physical expression, having the physical expression of your body and soul unite with the physical expression of all other things in your world.

"Ascension is when you bring the total expertise of your conscious existence into this dimension."

As we look out over you, we see all of the lights around all of you and they are beautiful. Those lights are the aspects, the attributes, of your states of consciousness on many dimensions and many planes. They are with you. They are not out there somewhere. Everything is present in you. But you are not aware. Your light is just radiating. You are a radiance of beauty that exists and all that you need to do to allow this harmony and ascension to come about is to allow yourself and trust yourself and trust your safety on this planet enough to get acquainted with yourself. Expand that consciousness.

Your World Will Be Different

As you choose to expand your consciousness, something is going to happen. Existence cannot be as you have always known it to be. It will be different. Expect that.

As your vibrations change, that change will be reflected in your physical. Your food may affect you differently, your sleep patterns may change, and you may see shifts in your body construct. Many things will change within this vibrational pattern that you call your physical body.

Pay particular attention to your diet. If you find that there is some particular food that you no longer desire, then realize it is because your vibration no longer requires it. As you come into harmony, it is not that anything is detrimental to you, but there will be shifts that take place and your vibration cannot change without having an effect upon your physical.

Space is going to disappear because you will begin to see things in what you perceive to be empty space. As you see them, it is because the vibration is putting you in a place that you recognize that there is no empty space.

In your relationships, you will find that you understand each other better. As you begin to ascend you will find that in the understanding you have much more tolerance for each other. You do not become angry or upset as quickly.

When you vibrate in harmony with All–That–Is, there is no lack, disease, anger, or enemies. You are in harmony with everything and because you are in harmony, everything flows to you. Will you be able to walk through a wall? Of course, because you will be in harmony with the vibration of the wall. The only reason you cannot do that now is because your vibration is not in harmony with the vibration of the wall and therefore, they cannot interact.

You will understand the sacredness of life, the sacredness of just being. That in itself will broaden who you are. It will open a whole brand new consciousness of existence on this planet. You will be living and expressing in a different environment, a different world, a world of expanded consciousness. Can you see the expansiveness of expanded consciousness, of ascension? Why would you not desire to ascend? Why would your soul not be searching for that? It is everything that you are.

How To Ascend


You are a part of the mass consciousness and as such your ascension process will be connected to the mass consciousness. But also realize you have choices of how you wish to allow your belief system, expression, and experiences to be within mass consciousness.

You can attend programs, take courses, classes, work shops, do exercises, and what they will do is open you to the possibility of new thinking. You then will have choices of how you desire to travel the road next. You can go down the road of remembrance, bringing forth all that has limited you from all of your lifetimes, but that is a lot of work my friends. You can take care of the physical in a better manner, and we suggest that you do that, but that is not the answer. To ascend, you have got to come from a different expression of your soul by letting go of what your ego has told you will keep you safe: the things, the programs, the defenses that you have developed.

So to ascend is something you have to do for yourself. We can give you the words, we can tell you the principals, but you have to allow that experience into your life to know that it is truth. It must be an active choice for you.


You are energy in motion, vibrating at a rate determined by the mass consciousness and your own understanding, experiences, and perceptions. As your consciousness expands, your vibration changes and it is important that you allow the change to take place. For if you try to hold on to your old thoughts, old ways, old value systems, or to your judgments, then great conflict can take place within and you become very out of sync so–to–speak.

By allowing the change, you begin to realize the things that no longer serve you. The things you hold onto thinking they will make you happy and keep you safe. Instead, you recognize there is more you can enjoy and be of benefit to you.

Now it is not necessary to throw away all that you have, or destroy a part of yourself, instead honor those areas for what they have been for you. Honor every choice you have ever made, for as long as you have regrets about anything you will hold that conflicted energy within you, affecting your vibration, and making it difficult to move forward into total harmony.

Change Your Focus

To personally ascend, you must figure out how to move beyond what you believe to be at the present moment. Because if you are stuck in what your conscious ego driven mind believes is, then you cannot move into the realm of who you truly are. You are stuck by what you believe to be and if you believe it to be, it shall be. You enhance the creativity of what you focus your attention on. Everything is in abundance, so it is only a matter of where you place your attention and focus. If your focus is on lack you will have an abundance of lack. So where you are placing your thoughts is where you have your focus. Therefore, your own personal awareness is propelled by how much you believe you are All–That–Is, all–possibilities, All–Divinity.

By ego we only mean that you are trying to create from a conscious belief system that has been separated from the awareness of the totality of who you are. You feel there is something that can stop you from your good in some way.

If you could just blank your mind of everything that you consider impacted you in a limiting way, it would allow you more freedom to believe in the possibility of the future and what it is that you can do. You came from Sacred Void, you came from God. You have always been just as you are. Nothing has been taken from you and nothing has been added to you. You have been given the gift of creativity and in this particular world you have been given the gift of unlimited creativity with unlimited free will. You are an expression of God and as such, you are the creative source, the creator of your world. Only your creations make you who you are today but you are in charge of that creative process.

As you change your focus and allow other possibilities into your life, you will find that the things that you have struggled for, the relationships, the prosperity, begin to come to you. This is one level of personal ascension that begins to make the possible believable. On another level, you believe that the impossible is possible, and all of the things you have struggled and worked so hard for just flow to you, but also become unimportant to you. As they become unimportant, you begin to become aware in a very conscious waking moment of the vastness of life. This is when ascension truly begins. When you are not meditating to get in touch with life or your consciousness, or the expansion into the awareness of universal truth, but when you are living that in every moment, and the expansion of your vibration begins to flow into the vibration of everything around you in a harmonious way. Many things begin to evolve in your life at this time. Things that your conscious mind cannot begin to have the awareness of what is taking place.

Practice Non–Judgment

Why do you have chaos, disharmony in your world? It is all because of judgments and fears. The fear that someone else's good will somehow impact you in a negative way. That is only possible when the vibrations are not interacting in a harmonious way.

As long as there is a thought, an experience, a person, a situation, or event that you have a judgment and resist, there will be pain, for pain is the resistance to what is. It is difficult to move beyond that resistance, because you feel you are not safe and if you are not safe you can be destroyed, hurt, or harmed. And because of that your vibration will absolutely knock against the vibration of what is and you will experience pain.

When you do not resist what is, you do not experience pain. It is the resistance that holds the pain in place. You give energy to it, it continues to exist, and it creates pain for you. Because the vibrations are not flowing in an interactive manner, they are instead bumping against each other.

Pain is the resistance to the experience and when you are in harmony with the vibration there is no pain. Therefore you can experience pain and it will not be pain to you. That is when you really can love the expression and the experience of that pain, because it becomes an understanding of the expression of existence.

How do you move beyond the vibrations knocking against each other, which is the resistance and the pain? Well you have to remove your judgments. As you remove your judgments, your vibration changes, and the pain, the experiences, are not the same. The things you find so irritating and painful physically, mentally, emotionally, do not have the same effect upon you.

Judgment is a lot of work. Holding grudges, being angry, having resentments takes a tremendous amount of energy for something that is not beneficial for you or anyone else. As you release these things, your energy will flow in a more harmonious way, and you will feel better, feel more alive, have more energy and you will look better. There will be more joy that radiates from you.


What is the road to personal ascension on the planet? It is in the steps that you know to take. Until you can trust and believe in yourself enough that you are safe, that you are the creator, and begin to allow that process to go forth in your life, you will be caught by your own creations. That is the only limitation you have is your own creations. You are the creator of all you know. If it is in your world, your life, you are the creator of it. If you feel you are being restricted by the creation of others, realize it is your creation as well. When you begin to truly recognize in the total being of your consciousness that you are the creator, then you do not have the fears that keep you in the limitation of judgment that says I cannot be safe if this happens or I am not safe in this place.

It is just that time and space is so difficult for you. When you do not see results and it seems as though nothing is working then fear raises its head. Those are the times when you have to trust and move forward. Trust that the process will work for you. Trust that things are happening, changing, and you will begin to see how things come to you in a miraculous way. But it is a choice you have to make.

If you want empowerment it is not from your ego system, but from your Spirit and soul. As you free your consciousness and touch into your soul to your Spirit, you will begin to get glimpses of you being the creator and that is when you will begin your own ascension awareness: your own personal process done in your own way.

So it is not until your consciousness continues to expand and you begin to have the realization of being the creator that you are going to move through this level and into the next. The principles we have given you, non–judgment, honoring of others, living in the now moment, detachment, all of these things when you put into motion will remove your limitations and allow you to live in the total expression of who you are.

You can still have things to clear, but do not feel that your personal ascension process is not working for you. Just trust. Ask the angels to help. Communicate with your soul. Listen to your Spirit. Quiet your mind. Meditate.

Transform Your Fear, Clear Your Perceptions

Ascension does not happen unless you are willing to let go of your fear and embrace Love. As long as you allow fear to be a part and guide your life you will be ruled and dictated by fear. But when you can trust yourself enough to move into your space of Love, to the expression of your eternal being, then that extends into the vibrations of your world in a harmonious, loving, way. Not trying to control or manipulate anything, just allowing yourself to express from the fullness and the richness of who you are. That is the point and place of power you are seeking.

Your soul is the individualized expression of all you have created, and as such, you are much more than your physical being that you know. But the part that you know contains perceptions of all that you have ever created. Because of your creations you have developed perceptions of what is. But you have only developed those perceptions by your own creations.

"Do not allow the fears of your past to limit the creations of your future."

Realize that if you are on this planet today, chances are you are limited by fear. Choose to move from that fear to Love. Choose to transform any creation that limits you by Love. You do not have to know what the creation is. You cannot possibly know what it is. Begin by clearing the chakras and removing those blockages of energy that have been there for so long limiting your ability to believe. This should be a daily routine, just like feeding your body.

See the Beauty

Begin to look at the beauty in everything around you. See only beauty. I do not care what it is. The more you see the beauty out there the more you are seeing the beauty in yourself. The more you see the beauty in yourself, the more you feel safe to express your Love. The more you feel safe to express your Love, the more you will find that you do not need to judge, you are not afraid, you do not get angry, people do not irritate you as much, and you know you are resting in a safe, secure, place and all will be ok.

Enjoy the Journey

There is no script. At this point in time the consciousness of humanity is beginning to expand and enough of humanity is beginning to believe in the possibilities of their Soul and Spirit: that they are the creator and there is more than they have known, more than they are remembering.

You are beginning to search for the way back to the remembrance of who you are. To search for how to exist in a better world that is in peace and harmony. It can never be done as long as you believe that your good is subject to anyone or anything outside of yourself, for you will always feel the need to protect and take care of your space so that you might have a secure place to exist.

What you are really searching for is the remembrance of who you are and how to express that. It is baby steps. It is steps and trust, steps and allowing. It is steps in letting go of the judgment, detaching from your needs, living in the now moment, honoring all life. Just do that and your world will change.

Now you are probably not going to do ascend over night. Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your successes. But do not take from life by feeling that you have not done “it” correctly whatever it is. There is no right or wrong, there are only choices of how you are choosing to experience your Soul’s expression in third dimensional physical form.

If step–by–step you heal the pain and clear yourself of those vibrations that are holding you in bondage, you are expanding your consciousness. Know that you are All–That–Is and have always been All–That–Is in this eternal now moment. Set your desire, your intent without restriction, without control, without judgment, to just allow yourself to get acquainted with your self, with your consciousness. It is beautiful.

You are in for some exciting, beautiful, and wonderful, times. Not only in what you know as third dimension, or the things you desire to have in your life, but what is it like to flow with that part of yourself that knows more than this consciousness knows about something you desire to know better. Personal Ascension brings to you a broader awareness, a greater consciousness, a deeper meaning to your existence. And above all it restores to you the peace and the joy and the Love and the harmony of that existence. It allows you to be one with All–That–Is without resistance. And we give our Love and I am Salem.

Copyright 1996 Diandra Revised, edited, copyright 2008 Diandra