How Angels Were Created

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem takes an in depth look into the Angelic Kingdom, how angels were created and humanity's perception of angels.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. Tonight we would like to speak to you of the vibrational energy that you call angels. How long have angels interacted with humanity, what is their purpose? Does humanity have such abilities of creative powers that you are able to create and sustain a vibrational presence, such as angels, by your mass consciousness? We have heard the questions and looked at the skepticism. As always your mind wants to know. You search for the answers.

We are not attempting to either alter or define your own internal truth. We, as always, merely give you additional information that you may examine. Perhaps you will glimpse your own greatness and as always expand your consciousness becoming more aware of the beautiful and wonderful being that you are.

Together let us take an in depth look into the Angelic Kingdom. How were angels created and what forms do they take? We find humanity has many definitions as well as beliefs about these beings. You think of these beings as your personal helpers, as messengers between yourself and a Supreme Being of the universe. You feel angels are protectors or deliverers in moments of danger. You also believe there is a hierarchy of power in the angelic realm. You connect with angels as beautiful powerful beings, or at times your religion has placed these same creations in a state of fallen grace known as demons. This entire belief system is based upon a perception of personal experiences the human soul has experienced that is beyond their understanding of life on your planet. As we speak to you of the Angelic Kingdom, we would like to begin with a very broad perception then narrowing our thoughts to a more narrow view.

In The Beginning….. There Were Angels

Your universe was not the first universe of creation. There exist beyond your measure of time many ancient, loving, supreme beings in a multi-faceted existence unknown to the human experience that were aware of the creation process of this wondrous new and vastly different domain which you consider to be your universe. There was a great amount of love and concern that this universe would survive and that the intelligence placed in this universe would be that that would be of an unlimited nature.

As creative intelligence began to take form in your universe, Love of a parental nature was there to help guide, nurture and protect the fledging new creations that were becoming self-aware. There were also many wise and loving energies of other universes present to nurture the intelligence of this newly-created universe to allow it to sustain it’s own divine image as intelligence began to take form. This divinely created intelligence has taken many forms in your universe. Some of these forms you think of as extra-terrestrial beings that you do not understand. However other forms you have experienced outside your understanding of self you call angels.

Angels are a single consciousness with individual expression. The individual expression has freedom within the totality of the Angelic Kingdom. They are free to come and go at will. The angelic vibration is like a moving river or a current. Sometimes an individual expression stays for hundreds of thousands of years in your universe, or some for only a brief time. It is their choice. Their existence is the harmonious flow of thought, light, sound and color, and with ability to take form. There are more choices of form in your universe then anywhere else. These beings are immortal moving through many existences and many levels of consciousness. Angels are a beautiful existence of light and appreciation for the joy of being. The Angelic Kingdom expresses the joy of just being. Just existing.

Angels have been with you since the beginning of your world. They are not only a non-physical vibrating form that you may occasionally connect with or feel their presence, but angels have also taken a 3rd dimensional terrestrial form at times. This has been the choice of an angel when they felt that type of nurturing, gentle guidance and love could help you to reach a next stage of your own internal development, your own spiritual awareness, or your expansion of consciousness. You may not be aware that there is an angelic presence among you and know that the angelic presence will only stay briefly on your planet. So, if there’s someone you’ve know for ten years, and they tell you they are an angel, we would tell you to seriously question that because that is never the purpose of these beautiful, divine forms that interact with your world. They will only appear briefly and briefly means perhaps hours, perhaps several days, but very seldom would it be longer than that. It is not only difficult for this form of intelligence to sustain the vibration at the level of your 3rd dimension; it is never an intention to intervene into your freewill.

How Humanity Perceives Angels

Humanity has a need to interpret through your analytical mind what you do not understand. If you cannot duplicate what you experience you either worship or fear the being or object. Throughout history as intelligent beings have interacted with the human form, you have come to feel that they were somehow superior and therefore had to have a closer connection to God, or the Creative Principle or you deny their existence. In truth there are many forms of self-aware consciousness in your universe that you do not understand.

The intelligent form you have come to know as angels were accepted in the consciousness of humanity long ago. You gave them definition of physical form that was acceptable to your understanding. Humanity had awareness in long-ago times that these beings would pass through in a very short interval of human history or individual experience and therefore you often see the pictures of the wings with angels. Angles really do not have a need for wings. Angels are beings that have the ability of movement without wings. Their thoughts take them from one place to the next much as you have the ability to do when you are not in physical form. In ancient times wings were an acceptable definition of angelic presence. If today you see an angel that in your view has wings, one of two things is taking place. You are either translating your experience by your perception of the vibrational form you’re seeing, which is often what happens, or that particular being has taken that form to identify its’ presence for you in a familiar sense. Children in their open innocence are the most likely to see with clarity the beautiful beings that are always present on your planet.

I am Salem and I leave you in love.

copyright 1997 Diandra