The Many Ways Angels Help You and The Forms They Take

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem takes you through the Angelic Kingdom explaining the role of guardian angels, how angels interact with humanity, and the forms angels take on the planet.

Angels Mission on Earth

Angels are present to be of service to humanity. They are often assigned earthly missions. At times they bring a message to humanity. Seldom does the presence of an angel stay on the planet in Earth’s energy field for very long at a time. What you may think of as a guardian angel is not truly likely to be only one angelic form. There may be many such beautiful beings that come and go through your lifetime. You will always have access, always have access to the presence of the Angelic Kingdom. A thought sent out will always bring the presence of an angelic being. This is why so often we have shared with you that Archangel Michael has said ‘we send the angels out and they come back to us and they say what are we to do? Humanity doesn’t ask for our help.’ Angels are always there the moment you ask for help. They can clear many obstacles for you. Know that it is their purpose to do so and that it is your divine right to ask for that help.

Angels also often times change the vibrational energy field that is around you. The vibrational field that surrounds you is created mainly by your emotions. Your emotions are the greatest and first line of defense in your ego system. Emotions are germane to your universe and to humanity. You created them to determine if you are safe. Other vibrational forms find your emotions to be fascinating even though they often control you and limit your true power. Angels do not have emotions. They are not subject to that vibration. They have nothing that matches emotions. So therefore, many times they are able to lift the vibrational energy around you to a higher more spiritual level, a more peaceful place, that help you to move beyond the limitation that you have placed yourself upon. If you’re feeling depressed, call upon the angelic presence and ask them to help change the vibration of that emotion. We’ll talk more about that when we speak of angelic purpose.

All energies that we speak of as the Angelic Kingdom are of the highest vibrational light. There are no beings in the Angelic Kingdom that are not of light. We want to be very clear on that, because the Angelic Kingdom has always been here to serve the highest good of your world. Angelic presence does not limit their activities to humanity. Their presence is very active in your animal kingdom and your plant kingdom as well. Those who have become aware of their presence may call them divas or little fairies, but they’re all higher loving beings that have nurtured your world since the beginning. Angels are expressions of life that have been in existence longer then the human soul has been in existence. They desire to see your beautiful form of existence reach the epitome of expression.

An angelic presence can pass through your world very briefly. You may sit down in a restaurant to have a cup of coffee. A stranger sits down beside you and you have a conversation. You will never see them again, but the impact of your time together is unforgettable. You may well be in the presence of an angel. They may have come to help you find clarity in a direction you are choosing to go. They may skillfully guide you to find an answer to a problem. You will be unaware that an angelic presence took a lower vibrational form for the moment they leave your presence they return to a higher vibration not in physical form. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and single thought for an angel to come into a 3rd dimensional form. You may have had a brief encounter with someone that just struck you as “angelic”, as different from other people. The chances are very good that you had an encounter with an angel. Angels are much more common than you seem to realize. Their presence moves through your world unobtrusively. It is never their intent for you to become dependent upon their presence. They are a high vibrational pattern that appears to nurture you.

A common interaction with an angel is when there is a deep crisis, such as illness or danger. You will hear the story of a beautiful being appearing or something took place that appeared to be supernatural in nature. Your soul cries out for intervention. Angels interact on a soul level. The emotions and your analytical mind are creations of the frightened ego system. The angels do not respond to either for that is an illusion in their world. They are aware of each request you make and will respond for the highest good of your soul path. You may ask, ‘why did not an angel appear here, or here, or do this or this? Why were they not there for whomever?’ An angel will never interfere with your soul’s purpose. When you ask for the help of the Angelic Kingdom there will always be an immediate angelic response.

What you must understand about the Angelic Kingdom is they do not have the same unlimited creative abilities and unlimited freewill that you have. What they do have is the ability to be detached and immortal in their present state of awareness. An angel has existed forever. That being has always had a consciousness of their existence that never ceases. They have complete awareness of each dimension they inhabit. They are immortal beings that forever have a consciousness. But they do not have the same unlimited freewill and the same unlimited creative ability that you as humanity are given. You have the power to create whatever you desire. The Angelic Kingdom does not have that ability. They are limited in their immortality.

There are times that your own power may be more powerful and supersede what an angel can do. In fact, there are times you ask the angels for help and the angels set in motion a vibration to answer your request. However, before they get the job done you do something that interferes. You do not let them finish, and now they have to do something else to try to fix it for you. Because you are more powerful then they your freewill will always supersede their actions. So may we suggest to you that when you ask for the help from the Angelic Kingdom, give them a chance to do their job before you get busy and do it for them. What the Angelic Kingdom is able to do at your request is to change the vibration pattern. They bring the pattern into a more harmonious, peaceful level playing field and things begin to work their way out for everybody’s best. And it will always. When an angelic presence comes into a situation if it is allowed to be able to impact that situation, it will always be better then when the angelic presence arrives. For this is the gift of the Angelic Kingdom to your world.

Angelic Hierarchy

Is there a hierarchy in the Angelic Kingdom? Let us go back to humanity’s perception again. You see, because you’ve developed these analytical minds, that must ‘understand it’, you need something to translate and are able to analyze. So through the eons of time as there have been conscious interaction with these beautiful beings, you have come to establish your perception of how they exist. The more powerful your perception of the experience, then the more powerful you perceive that presence to be and the lesser that experience, the lesser you perceive the power. So you have formed what you believe to be an angelic hierarchy. Now, the Angelic Kingdom doesn’t care. If you need a hierarchy to be able to feel comfortable and at ease with their presence, so be it. It doesn’t matter to them one bit. So if you need a name, they’ll give you a name. There truly is not a hierarchy as you think of it. There are different levels of consciousness within the Angelic Kingdom.

In the Angelic Kingdom there are no levels better, less, more, or grander. There is just the presence of life. Perhaps that is the greatest gift that the beings that you think of as angels give to you. They make you aware of the presence of life and in that awareness they communicate the great awe and respect they have for life. When you have an interaction with an angel it will always bring forth greatness in yourself. The awareness of your own greatness, the presence of life in its’ totality bursts the consciousness into a state that expands beyond all things that you thought were possible.

Angels Awaken Your Greatness

When an angel interacts with you, whether it be during a crisis, having a cup of coffee in a restaurant, or you awaken in the middle of the night knowing there’s a loving, grand presence interacting with you, that interaction will always open in you a greater awareness of yourself. You’ll feel it. You could not feel it if it were not already within you. And that’s important for you to know of everything you experience. You could not feel pain if you did not have pain within you. You could not feel love if you did not contain love within your being. An angel will always touch into your spiritual greatness. When an angelic presence comes to you you’ll know for you will feel the impact. Angels are beings of light. They’re beings that have existed long before this universe. They’re beings that understand existence for the precious beauty of existence within itself. They have no sadness for they have no emotions. They are totally able to love you for the beautiful existence that you are at this moment. Angels bring no judgment to situations. Angels have no need for judgment. Angels do not fear for their safety for they know they are immortal beings. They know that they are going to exist forever in a beautiful, energized, wonderful world of energy that takes as many different shapes and forms as they choose to take.

Angels Limitations and Forms That They Take

Let us speak of the limitations of the Angelic Kingdom. Angels can never become human. Do you know that the human soul on Earth is the envy of all known creation? The human soul is the epitome of creative expression. Many would choose your existence if it were possible. But for many it is not possible. They do not exist in a creative vibration that would allow them to become a creative soul. Angels do not have unlimited freewill. However, because they do not have unlimited freewill, they have never created fear. They have never created egos. In their innocent bliss they are complete. They do not feel deprived. They are unable to create as humanity does even if they chose to. They could not create an ego system. Angels are very much in unison. They are very much in harmony. They are aware of their oneness, but also have respect for individuality. The angels’ greatest desire is that humanity will remember the harmony of the oneness of life for it flows like a melody through the universe. There are souls who hear the song of the universe, the music and the melody of the great oneness of life.

Angels do take form other than human, for they have the ability to be seen as any form that is on your planet. They are not that form. If they take a human form, they are not a human soul. But they have the ability to manifest vibrational rates that appear as the desired form they may choose for their mission. An angel can take the form of an animal or a plant. An angel can be present in a beautiful sky as you look upward or in a magnificent stone that you admire. They will take many forms briefly to benefit your soul if there is a way to help you awaken to your own spiritual essence. And they do it with joy. You’ll always feel the presence of great joy in the Angelic Kingdom. Know that joy is not an emotion. Joy is a state of being that exudes from awareness, a consciousness that says life is wonderful and embraces the wonder of life. Angels feel the joy of their existence. They exist in a state of joy. When you feel the presence of an angel you will feel their joy. Joy has the power to overcome the vibrations of your emotions. It will heal fear. If you, my friend, can reach a state of pure joy, you have reached your totality of understanding of spiritual awareness. And if you sustain that feeling of joy, it is beyond anything that you have comprehended in your experience up to now on this planet. So the exchange of the presence of an angel on a very personal basis will always create in you a sense of joy, of peace in that joy, of the wonder of life, for the Angelic Kingdom is truly a symphony of joy.

Why are you so fascinated with the Angelic Kingdom? We believe it is because when you are in the presence of an angel there is a sense of the divine. There is a presence of light that blends with you making you aware of your own greatness. You as humanity are more then the angels. Angels will always be a presence that is uplifting to your soul for that is why they’re here. They’re here to love you just as you are without judgment. They’re here to nurture you. They have always been here. They will always be here because that is their choice not because they have to. Not because anybody has sent them or commanded them to be here. The angels are here because they choose to be. They have always been present sent the beginning of your universe. It was their choice to be of help in holding the power of love that sustains your world. And many times, many, many times, the angelic presence is there to help you in difficult times. They’re there to help you in joyous times. They’re there to nudge you along the path to a greater awareness. They don’t judge your religious beliefs. It matters not to them if you belong to a particular religious sect or if you belong to no religion. That is immaterial to the Angelic Kingdom. Nobody has a patent on the angels. They only interact to sustain, support and uplift, to help you and to nurture you. And I want to say to you, you are so fortunate and blessed that these beautiful beings with such harmony of consciousness, with such joy of life choose to enter your world.

Q: How do we thank the angels?

First of all, it’s not important to the angels to thank them, but it’s important for you because it acknowledges a gratitude that fosters more good. Gratitude always raises your vibration. Gratitude will always bring more blessings because you are acknowledging the possibilities and are opening yourself by having a spirit or attitude of gratitude whether that is a verbal thank you, a quiet thank you, or a realization of a blessing that has come into your life. The angels themselves have no need for thanks; they give of themselves for the pure joy of giving.

Q: Is it a myth that each one of us has a guardian angel?

No it is not a myth. It is a myth that there is one presence that stays with you from the day you’re born to the day you leave the planet. What you think of as a guardian angel is actually a conglomerate of consciousness that expresses individually. What you may have need of as an angelic presence as a six year old may not be what you have need of at 16 or 61. You like to think of a guardian angel as your angel. You want the security of a parent to care for you, or to believe the angel is your personal possession. That’s not how it is but it makes it no less a presence that is very personal to you and that is always there for you.

Q: Someone who has passed away, is deceased, can they become your guardian angels?

No. A human can never be an angel. So forget it, guys. You cannot be angels. You are not angels. You are more. You are more then angels. So, you may think of it in the same terms as you think of an angelic presence, but they’re not angels. They may be there to support, help and to love you, but they’re going to do it from they’re human soul form. They will not be doing it from the same presence or the same abilities as the Angelic Kingdom.

Q: Are we ever without an angel?

You’re never without the access to the presence of an angelic being. Never. Do they always set beside you? No. Your thoughts will always bring the presence of an angelic presence if you ask. You may do that with the simplest of things in life. It doesn’t have to be a crisis. They can help you with your next exam. They can help you when you don’t know how to communicate with someone. They can raise the vibrations around you. Angels are in your universe to be of service. You must ask.

I am Salem and I leave you in love.

copyright 1997 Diandra