The Power of Love

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

When you are expressing the Power of Love, you are totally in alignment with All-That-Is. When your thoughts, and actions are in alignment with All-That-Is, there are no obstacles in the way of your true creative power. You are the totality in harmony with All-That-Is and free to express your creative power in an unlimited manner.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. The Power of Love we feel very compelled to share. We truly desire to communicate to you where you are at in your evolutionary stage on your planet, and what works, why it works and what you can do to be a part of this glorious transition that is taking place in your world.

Most of the time, humanity lives from the power of the ego system rather than from the Power of Love. You already know the Power of Love but it is buried so deep within that you are no longer consciously aware of it in your daily life. When you allow the ego system to be the source of power in your world, you then operate from a mere shadow of your true self. But it is your choice. You can also choose to take a risk, go beyond the ego system and into your true power.

Power means that you express yourself in the totality of who you are, the All-That-Is, where all things are possible to you. There is no exception to that statement, not one.

When we speak of the word ‘Love’, we are not speaking of the feeling or emotion of love. The Power of Love is the power of the totality of your creative existence. The word “love” is used because you perceive love to be the greatest attribute of human emotion, the human soul, and the human spirit. If you are loved, you feel safe. If you are in a loving environment, you feel nurtured. Love equates to a level playing ground where you can exist and be all that you are. So when “Love” is referred to, understand it is the totality of your creative existence.

Where does the power of the totality of your creative existence lie? Who or what is the totality of who you are? Let us define what we mean by the totality of your creative existence.

Totality means all that you are and that is certainly far more then your conscious mind perceives you to be. So when we say Love, we mean much more than you consciously know that you are. We mean the totality of your soul expressing in every way, every modality and creative existence on every level of consciousness that you are choosing to express at this time. That is the totality of your creative existence.

Because you exist, you are creating. All existence is creation in motion for that is what existence is. Existence cannot become stagnant. Creative existence will change, transform or expand, but it will never become non-existent. So you are a being of totality that is creative existence and that is Love. Love is all that you are as creation in motion. That is who you are.

The Power of Love is expressing who you are in the fullest, most complete, and most aware state of consciousness that you can express on the planet. That effects who you are, your world and those around you.

When you are expressing in the totality of your creative essence, you are coming from a state of consciousness that allows you to expand, believe, and becoming aware of more than you have consciously analyzed or experienced. You then live and create from a point of power that has a greater force of effect. This is the power of who you are.

Think of yourself in a non-tangible world. Think of everything as energy in motion, for that is all that existence truly is. View yourself as part of that energy in motion, the power that propels you. So, the Power of Love is the non-tangible existence of energy that is the true power that propels you through life. Power simply means you are free and able to accomplish the creative existence you have chosen to create.

Energy Levels of Thought

The Lower Levels

We will now speak of levels of thought forms. Think of thought forms as various levels of energy patterns. As you send out a thought form, it connects with one of these levels of energy.

At the lowest energy level, thought forms are sent out to attain a selfish good no matter the effect on others or the world around you. If your thoughts are not for the good of all but only for your own personal good, you are connecting to this lower level of thought energy.

At another level of thought energy creates from the perspective of being for your good and my good. Not just for your good, but also for my good.

Then there is a level of thought that says I will sacrifice my good for the good of all. These levels of thought forms are created from the lower three chakras.

The Energy Level of Love

However there is a higher, more powerful level of creative thought form that rises above these levels. When you choose to create from this higher level of consciousness there is a greater understanding that all is in harmony and divine order. To interact with life in this manner is called Love.

When you begin to think on this level, you send out thoughts that are less concerned with the survival issues of the lower three chakras, but rather recognizes the oneness in all life. You realize you really are one with all life and that whatever you are thinking affects you more then it affects anyone or anything else. What you are expressing, saying, and thinking affects mass consciousness and that also affects you. From this level of thought you are aware of the harmony of life. You are living in an environment of understanding what life, existence, and creativity truly is about.

The Spiritual Level

Finally there is a level of thought that recognizes you are the creator of your world. You thought and it happened. This is the third-eye level of thought form energy. You take responsibility for your creations recognizing you are the creator of your reality. When your thoughts connect with the power of this level, you understand the creative process at a spiritual level. This is the ‘Power of Love’.

At the spiritual level, you no longer search to find the good in life. You no longer see life as threatening to you or the world as black and white. Things no longer disturb, infuriate, or threaten you or your world in any way. When you see life from the level of your spiritual essence, your thought forms travel a path of spiritual power that is so powerful that they zip through all other thought forms. There is no obstacle that can stand in the way of the spiritual level of thought. That is the true ‘Power of Love’. There is not anything in your universe equal to this power, the totality of your creative existence.

Love allows you to bring into all of your creative essence your true power absent of fear. Thoughts that come form the spiritual level recognizes there is nothing to fear, for fear is part of lower level thought forms. The lower the thought form, the less power and the greater the fear that is connected to the energy. Your greatest fear is for your own survival and is the greatest fear based thought level that exists. The more you choose to live from a consciousness of a higher level, the less you experience fear and limitation and the more powerful are your creative powers.

The higher the level of your thought, the more you impact the mass consciousness and the existence on your planet, but most importantly, the more your soul becomes aware of it’s own greatness. Do not shy away from the word ‘great’. For if you are not great, then God is not great. If you are not good, then God is not good. You become aware of your goodness by making a conscious choice to live at a level that is the totality of your creative existence or from Love.

When you do not live from fear, or have a desire that must be fulfilled regardless of the effect on others, then you begin to expand into a consciousness that allows you to fully express and live on this planet. All the things you desire begin to flow to you naturally. All the things that you feared are no longer a threat to you. It is a conscious choice. You say, "Well, I try to do that." And yes, we know you do and you should give yourself credit for what you do.

Why does love work?

Love works because Love is the purest, unadulterated energy set into a vibrational form that there is. When you truly Love with the absence of all fear, you have set energy into motion such that no lower thought form has the power to hinder you in your creative process. Love energy set into motion will become a vibration that will ripple down through all the other levels of thought. As Love moves through the other levels of thought, it heals your internal world, others around you, your world, and your planet. The vibration of love is so strong and so pure it will transform all fear.

You are a vibration. Your analytical mind and emotions are part of that vibrational system. That vibrational systems is not bad, it only needs a little guidance. It is doing exactly what you created it to do. Since everything is a vibration, including your emotions, if you want to stay angry, you will draw anger to you. You will draw the energy of anger to you because the vibrations have intelligence, and that intelligence will gather other angry vibrations for its own survival.

But if you come from the vibration of Love, the same is true. If you express that Love, you will draw the vibration of Love and much good will flow to you. The problem is you are not seeing what reality really is from the full view. Sometimes you think you are there, but there is more for you to discover to truly live in the flow of love. Therefore, you question why “the good” does not come to you? You think, I give love, I am a good person, and yes you are. But it is a process and a journey of discovery, of expanding consciousness, on your path to total self-awareness.

Now, how does Love give to you this power? When you are expressing the Power of Love in the essence of totality and awareness, you are totally in alignment with All-That-Is. When your vibrations, thoughts, and actions are in alignment with All-That-Is, there are no obstacles in the way of your true creative power. You are the totality in harmony with All-That-Is and free to express your creative power in an unlimited manner.

Love works because it is the only true reality that is set into motion by the thought process. When you create, you are either creating from an ego level or you are creating from the Power of Love. When your realization of truth allows your consciousness to be the reality of Love, the spiritual level of thought, you will have dramatic results in your life. You will find that miracles suddenly occur.

Why does Love work? Love works because it is true power and the only reality of the creative process. The rest is illusion. The rest is the paper tiger of fear. Love conquers all fear. Love lays fear to rest. Love transforms fear into something that is beautiful and peaceful. The colors of gray in life become vivid, brilliant, colors. That is what life truly was created to express.

You will begin to feel a surge of love, beauty, and power inside of yourself that radiates. Your face reflects this beauty. Your smile is warm. The way you look is different. Your entire being begins to become god-like. What does that mean? It means you are thinking your thoughts and expressing your life from the Power of Love. You are living at the level of spiritual thought where true power lies.

Why fear is not the strongest thought form of energy?

Because fear has no real power and is dependent upon your ego-related creation. All ego creations are of fear. They all come from some need to be safe. Fear only has power upon those same fear-based creations, but NO power whatsoever upon the reality of existence, upon the Power of Love. Fear can never impact the Power of Love or the totality of your creative existence. It will only impact your ego creations.

When you choose to live from the consciousness of your spiritual nature without fear, the power of that consciousness overshadows every other level of creative thought. That is how it truly is. Living from the level of your spiritual totality of creative essence, nothing in the lower level fear-related creation can touch you. Not even standing in the middle of the greatest battle on the planet. But….

Until you have no need to build walls of protection to stay safe, until your mind believes this, and your consciousness lives this, you are living and creating from the lower level of thought based upon fear. That is where the power of your creation lies.

There are times, you touch into the spiritual level of consciousness and have moments that allow you to be all that you are. Simply allow your soul and spirit to guide you. In those moments you are at perfect peace, and in harmony with all creation. You know that you know that you know without a doubt who you are. You have total understanding about life. You understand your planet and you recognize the pain and the fear of those around you. You would never choose in to add one ounce of energy to the pain and fear that has been created on the planet. You would never do this with a thought or with a spoken word for you see the bondage of this level of creative energy. You are aware that all souls are held in captivity by the creations of the lower levels of consciousness. The freedom in the consciousness of Love that you experience is so explosive, so expansive and so exhilarating that you have no desire to utter one word or send one thought that would add the tiniest grain of energy to anyone’s pain or fear.

Everyone on the planet does the best they can for the pain they are in. Often your words and thoughts add to that pain and fear because you do not feel safe yourself. Of course, whatever you add or give to another, you add the same energy to yourself.

Your Soul has continued to create since it first became an individualized expression of All-That-Is and so you exist on many levels. Therefore, no two individuals think alike or necessarily see things alike.

As you came into this world, you not only brought memories of past lives and a consciousness that allows limited expression due to your ego system, but you also brought the consciousness of all that you are. For that reason, there are those who have allowed a deeper wisdom to come through that has not been gained in the physical experience. Thus, there is much power you have not allowed yourself to express.

The message is that it is safe!

It is safe to choose to live from the power source of Love, which is All That Is, rather than from the elaborate ego system, which was created and exists in mass consciousness so that you might feel safe enough to survive. It is safe to let go of your ego. It is safe.

At this time, you are in a womb that is so nurturing. Much love is being sent to your world. It is like the little bird being pushed out of the nest. The mother knows the bird can fly. Likewise,it is known that you are safe, but you have to be willing to leave the nest. Unlike the bird, you cannot be pushed from your nest. That has to be your choice to fly.

It is possible to do this! You have the choice. But it takes Surrender, Trust, and dedication of you to you. Trusting you. Not trusting anyone or anything else, and certainly not the last Guru that was on top of the mountain, but YOU!

It is in you. It is your natural state of being. It is who you are. Do not be grounded to lower thoughts or lower creations that hold you captive in the ego world of creative power. No matter how good that may seem, it is a shadow of who you truly are. If you want miracles in your life, then give Love a try. See what happens. If you don’t like it, you have the freedom to go back to the old ego ways.

The Time is Now!

The energy that supports the ego, and the vibrations that have been set in motion are being transformed by those that are moving into their Power of Love: their true Power of Love. The creations of ego are not going to have the strength they had in the past. What you have held on to so tightly to make your life work will no longer work. You will only struggle more and have to work harder to make the ego power of creation work for you.

My friends, may I say to you, there is no time now for petty differences. Your planet is zooming, absolutely zooming toward destiny and you are going to find yourself on one side or the other of this destiny. We believe that you seek the higher good. We believe you seek to be that totality of all that you are. Anything that is blocking this passage into your true experience of Love, any fear, any petty past transgression, any is time to let them go. It is time to transform. It is time to heal. It is time to recognize that time is quickly disappearing. Quickly disappearing. It is time to honor all things because they exist.

We say this with the greatest of love; you do not have enough of the picture to judge any person, situation, or thing. You do not know what has happened in eons past, or in the future. When you choose to judge, you do so from a small snapshot of time that is not enough to make a clear judgment. Recognize it is confusion that reigns through your everyday existence when you continue to hold on to petty grievances and judgments and it is time to let them go.

You must choose your path. Fear is your imprisonment. When you choose the path of ego, based upon fear, creating judgments, attachments, attacks on others, sharing your love only conditionally, you choose the bars that keep you imprisoned. Your ego would have you believe these creations keep you safe. We say they keep you imprisoned. So it is a choice. You must ask yourself, "Do I want to stay in prison because I think I’m safe or do I want to take the risk?" Begin to exercise some of the principles in your life and see what happens.

The way has been prepared. When you make the choice it is a very smooth transition into your spiritual awareness. Do not hold on to the illusion that creates your pain. Let it go. The pain is not worth the anger. It is not worth the frustration. It is not worth the judgments. It is not worth the fear to hold on to these things. You are safe. You are God expressing in this physical form. You are the totality of all creative existence. You are the Power of Love and that’s why love works.

Love works because it is the true power. It is who you are. All else is fear and creative illusion that with time will always decay and crumble. It has before. It does now and it shall in the future. You can incarnate lifetime after lifetime choosing struggle in the lower levels of conscious creation existence or you can choose to soar beyond this self-imposed imprisonment and into the true power of your spiritual essence.

We give you our great gratitude for allowing us to join you. One day we will all walk together in a total conscious state of awareness in the beauty and light that all are. That is a wonderful, glorious day to look forward to. We are all walking a soul path of choice. We are all becoming aware that all is God and that God is Good, God is Love. We leave you with our Love, and I am Salem.

Copyright 1997 Diandra Revised, edited, copyright 2008 Diandra

How to Move Into the Power of Love

  • To move into the Power of Love, you must trust, not us, not books, not some guru, but you. Then you will see the truth of who you are. *When you can surrender your entire ego system to your higher self, to your God-essence, your Love, your power, you will then get a glimpse of what has been said. That is when the miracles occur around you and you have a true impact upon the mass consciousness.
  • Begin by Loving You. Do not be critical of yourself heaping shame, regret and guilt. Love your creations as they exist without requiring them to change. This will allow you to begin to reclaim your power.
  • As you move to the Power of Love, do not try to shatter the Ego by going to the biggest or most important thing in your life and try to change it. The ego will be there to protect you as it has been designed and created to do. Therefore no support will come from the ego for this change.
  • Instead, begin to watch your thoughts daily. Watch what you are thinking, creating. Pay attention, because nothing can stop you from being the creator, not even the ego system, for that is the essence of who you are. You are creative existence as you were created by creative existence. Once you became self aware and thought, there was no turning back.
  • Do not hold on to the old ways. Let go. Let go of your need to control your life. The old ways soon will not work. That is a fact. You will live in frustration if you continue to try to create in the old way of your ego.
  • Apply the principles to your daily life.
  • Ask for help and allow your soul and spirit to guide you.