Energy and Vibrational Rhythm Patterns

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem explores the role of energy and vibrational rhythm patterns within the creative process. How vibrational rhythm patterns are the illusive, secret code that many wish to define in their endeavors to understand our world.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest respect for humanity. We have the recognition that your planet is focused on your future. Because the consciousness of your planet is so focused in a single direction by so many, you are indeed creating a new stage of your existence, expression and evolution upon your world.

Time, as you know it to be, is collapsing. Always remember that time is only an illusion. The more you become aware that you are all possibilities, the more you are stepping outside of the need of placing your experiences in these linear frames that you call time. Your creative process steps outside of time as well. What you think - you create. Therefore it is more important than ever that you understand this process. We feel therefore, that it is important to once again address your creative process, and we will begin with energy, the raw material of the creative process.

Energy - The Very Essence of Existence

We must first define the word “energy” as we use it in this communication. Energy is the raw component of existence containing all possibilities, for it is the self-expression of All-That-Is, or what you may call God or Universal Intelligence. So when we use your word “energy”, we speak of the raw material that is the basis for all creation.

Energy began its existence as Universal Intelligence, God became self-aware and thought. As God thought, energy, or the raw material of all possibilities came into existence.

Thought, or active consciousness, is a continual process. As Universal Intelligent Conscious Self-Awareness, also known as God, the All-That-Is expresses totality through thought so raw energy is forever being created.

So once again, energy, as we define this word, is the raw component that contains all possibilities, for it is the self-expression of All-That-Is, what you may call God, what we refer to as Universal Self-Aware Intelligent Principle. Energy is the raw component from which you create. But in itself, energy is not anything that you are aware of as we define the word “energy”.

Energy is not something that you can feel, taste, smell, or sense. It is, however, the component that contains all possibilities upon which you imprint your thoughts and thereby create.

How You Use Vibration To Manifest Your Creations Into Existence

As a thought goes forth, it imprints upon energy and sets into motion a vibration. What you are aware of, what you feel, what you want to understand is vibration. Vibration is that very tangible and intangible element of your existence. You are a vibration. You are energy set in motion. The chair you sit on, is a vibration. It is energy that has been imprinted creating a chair.

Vibrational Rhythm Patterns

Every thought sends a vibration imprinting upon raw energy causing the energy to come alive taking a form, intangible or tangible. This imprint upon raw energy sets into motion a vibrational rhythm pattern.

The scientific community, the healing community, the intellectual thought process, all are trying to understand the rhythm, the pattern of rhythm in these vibrations. The scientist may call this a quark. Others may say “I feel your energy, this is what I am sensing”. Healers may place their hands on a person to gain insight or connection to the vibrational rhythm pattern.

What they all are seeking to define is the rhythmic pattern of the vibration. For that is the secret code my friends. As you begin to understand the rhythmic patterns of vibration, now you have entered into the domain of raw creation. You can now alter the rhythm of the vibrational pattern, transforming or changing the pattern.

You understand this change in the tangible, such as water, ice or steam. It is a different and more complex rhythm pattern in the intangible vibrations. They are not the same as dense matter and are more subject to gather in clusters of like kind. They are more powerful and more illusive.

Altering The Past & The Future

Let us look at what happens when an intangible vibrational rhythm pattern is altered. You do not just alter the pattern that you are directly influencing; you also alter in some manner every rhythmic pattern in your universe that is of like nature. You have altered the past and the future, for that one rhythmic pattern. This is the connection of life. This is the oneness of life of which you speak.

There are an infinite number of vibrational rhythms that have been set into motion. You are a part of each vibrational pattern of which you are aware exist. When you say “I am connected to the water, I am connected to the animal kingdom, I feel so connected to you, maybe we were together in a past life, etc”. What you are really talking about is your awareness of the vibrational rhythmic patterns that are connected within yourself.

So when you alter a vibrational rhythm pattern you may well be effecting a situation half way around the world. This is why a person can go into disciplined, regular meditation and change world circumstances. This is why when a group gathers for the purpose of changing a vibrational rhythm pattern, things happen.

We have often spoken of what you heal in yourself you heal in mass consciousness. You are altering the vibrational rhythm pattern of energy that has been imprinted with a sameness by many souls.

Take away the illusion of time and space and you will realize your universe is one great heartbeat of vibrational rhythm patterns always uniting and expanding with every conscious thought.

Copyright 2002 Diandra