Salem on Redistribution of Wealth

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Because of the recent turmoil in the financial markets, we thought our readers would be interested in some of what Salem has said about the redistribution of wealth on the planet.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest respect for humanity. We have told you that wealth is being redistributed. That is only speeding up. We are not saying that every person is going to be wealthy. It is not that you can jump on the bandwagon and expect wealth. That is not what we are saying. But the wealth is being redistributed to those that who will use it for the betterment of your world.

The Old Ways No Longer Work

You are in for some very fast moving, fascinating, and we want to say exciting times. But if you are in to fear, if you want to hold on to the old, then you have a big challenge ahead of you because the old is not going to be the energy that is going to work for you. The old ways will not work. The old will not serve you, so do not try to do it the old way or hold on to the old.

Things are changing. It is imperative that you allow yourself to be comfortable with those changes. We are not only talking about the old ways of ego, but about any construct you have in your life. If you feel, for instance, that everyday at ten o’clock you had to meditate for one hour that may not be the new way. A new meditation pattern may better serve you because you are in a different state of conscious awareness.

Do not be afraid to let go of what you perceive is your security and your safety. Let us tell you why we say that. If there is no room in your closet because you cannot let go of the clothes you no longer wear or serve you, you cannot be blessed. You cannot be blessed because you are not opening to allow the blessing. Not because these things will harm you in anyway, but it is symbolic of a consciousness that it is not feeling safe enough to be able to let things go out of its life. Therefore, nothing new can come in because it is filled with the old.

Now we are not saying to give away all of your earthly possessions and go into the desert and pitch a tent. We are saying to become aware of what you are holding onto that no longer serves you but you perceive you need anyway. Why do you feel you need it? Why are you holding on to it?

As your consciousness expands, that expansion can only go so far if you still are holding on to the old. You cannot open to the multitude of blessings available to you while you are still holding on to the old. Let it go. Get ready for a grand adventure. I cannot tell you of the innumerable miracles that can take place in your life.

Redistribution of Wealth

We told you that the wealth of your world is being redistributed to those who will use it for the betterment of your world. That is in progress. Do not move into fear with your money, instead use what you have with the good of the planet in mind, rather than just hoarding it, or seeing how big of a boat you can buy or how high on the hill you can live. Not that there is anything wrong with having a big boat or house and we are not telling you to deny yourself those experiences, because you are here to experience all of those things. But we are saying if that is your only drive and intent with your money you will not prosper.

Using your resources, not just your money, but also your time for the good of the planet can take many different avenues. Your good for the planet may be about purifying the air or restoring the forest. Your good for the planet may be bringing about a higher standard of living by building a huge factory and employing people. So do not misunderstand, your good for the planet does not mean you have to put on a long robe, walk the world and be its savior. But it does means you are thinking of the good of the planet and not just looking for an ego driven self-centered prosperity. Rather, in pursuing your prosperity you know you also want the planet to prosper.

To put it another way, if you want the planet to prosper and heal that means you are given everything you need to do what you want. If your intent is for the betterment of the planet, you will be put into the positions, the places, the money, the job, the opportunity to prosper while not necessarily knowing how the prosperity will come about. Something that seems to be entirely out of the scope of what you thought was going to be your life may be the exact soul path needed to take you to your desired prosperity. If you have influence in the high places for the good of the masses, then that is the healing of your planet. If you have the ear of high government officials and you have influence, then that is for the good of the planet. Now if that influence is only to gain more power for you, to amass more fortune for you, you are not going to maintain it. It is just not going to happen.

You may ask, how is this happening Salem because this is a freewill planet. It is happening because there are enough souls sending out the consciousness of healing. How do you think that happens? There has to be a methodology, a way that allows souls to feel safe. If a family does not have enough money to put food on the table or take a sick child to the doctor, then don’t try and tell them God is good because that is a hard thing to accept and believe. But if you are able to somehow do something to make them feel safer in their environment, then they begin to feel the power within and then you can tell them that they are a loving consciousness, having all possibilities, and are God expressing. But don’t try to tell the mother that has no money to buy milk for the baby or food that she is a loving God with all-possibilities.

So you see there are many ways to bring about the foundation for healing. Yes you are fortunate and blessed. You have chosen a path that has opened you to higher understanding and you have attempted to incorporate some principles in your life to help heal your ego. And yes, the more you do that the more you change mass consciousness and the more everything changes. Why do you think that those who have fortunes are suddenly becoming more socially conscious again? Do you think it is an accident or they were always that way? You are allowing that you see. You are healing and transforming the ego fears.

This is how it happens. It is not because you are the smartest one in the stock market or because you won the lottery. It is not because uncle Ned died and left you his fortune. It is because you have the power of creativity and choice!

It is a fascinating and exciting time. But trust, really trust that your good is of the utmost importance and there is not any good that is to be withheld from you. You stop the good because your ego is afraid of its own demise and you are afraid of the powerful being that you really are. When those two things feel safe then miracles happen. Nothing is withheld from you. You ask for something and it is there. You are going to see that more and more and more. Just do not be afraid of your own good and for goodness sake don’t sabotage it. You get a little bit of good and then you become afraid that it is going to be taken from you somehow because that is what has always happened. Don’t do that to yourself. Give great thanks for every moment of life that you have and embrace it no matter what it is and just love it. Know that everything is going to be better, more wonderful and expansive.

You have an opportunity that has not been on this world in a long, long, time. We are here to help you and we want to help you. We love you. We not only love you but we have great respect for humanity. You are very highly evolved souls or you would not be here. Just because you have forgotten does not make you any less than you are. If we can just spark a moment of that remembrance then we dance with joy because as you evolve we evolve. As you raise your consciousness, it expands our consciousness. All life is one. I don’t care the dimension, the world, the universe, or what form it takes whether it is physical or non-physical, all life is a projection of thought that is experiencing in that projection and that is all it is. It all comes from one single thought that you call God. It is marvelous. And I am Salem and I leave you in love.

Copyright 1999 Diandra; Revised, edited, copyright 2008 Diandra