Meditation: Gateway to All–Possibilities

Based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra

Clarence Deigel

Article Summary

Meditation is one of the greatest tools to bring about healing, expanded awareness and put you in touch with your inner guidance and creative powers. It is your first step in being able to quiet the mind, which says there must be something to do to get “there”, wherever “there” is. Meditation is the closest thing you have to taking you to that state of Being.

It is common to try to solve problems and find answers by searching the world outside of yourself. Meditation is the opposite. It is a method of going within to gain insight and understanding to life’s issues. The saying goes “It is inside out not outside in”. By going within, you can experience the unity of life, come in contact with the source of your being, your higher self, soul, universal mind, All That Is. Meditation allows a state of mind and awareness, where one can listen to the inner whispers.

"Meditation is a process where you attune your physical mind and body to its spiritual source."

Types of Meditation

It has been said that to pray is to talk to God, to meditate is to listen to God. So meditation is a means of connecting and listening to your inner-self, Soul or Spirit, quieting the analytical mind so that inspiration, insights, and revelations can come through. But, you can also use this quiet state of mind for setting your intent through visualization, use of affirmations, etc. It is not meditating from the standpoint of listening but it is an effective way to clearly state to the self what you desire. Without the activity of everyday life occupying the mind, your thoughts are clearly focused, the distractions of worry and fear have been set-aside for the time being and you can put in its place the intents of your desires and then let them go.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, quieting the mind, going beyond the mind, lets you experience for yourself what can only be expressed through words. Meditation lets you tune in to the internal guidance and wisdom within yourself. Often times your decisions would be different if you took a moment to be quiet and really listen to the inner part of you.

When you meditate regularly, it will take you less time to do everything else for it will just flow. What took three hours will take maybe twenty minutes. Why, because an Active Being flowing knows the perfection and is in harmony with everything.

"The only reason why things take a long time is because you are bumping into your resistance and struggles and holding them. The vibration of Spirit does not get stopped like the vibration of the ego. There are no resistances, nothing to stop your creative process when coming from Spirit."

To get in touch with your inner self takes becoming quiet, and separating yourself from the activity and busyness of the planet and listening to your Soul. When you do, you begin to center in the seat of your power and receive wonderful inspiration. Elements of your Spirituality begin to seep into your conscious thoughts and you recognize that life can be different. Soon you find your belief systems and conscious expression begins to shift and the next steps in your life become clear.

How to Meditate

There are many books, tapes, and other means that can take you step by step through a mediation process. It is not the intent of this article to replace these many excellent sources on the subject. You are encouraged to find a method of meditation that is comfortable for you. There are some recommendations and sources listed at the end of this article. The intent of this article is to help you understand the importance and how mediation fits into the larger picture so-to-speak, its benefits and why it is a useful tool in helping to expand your consciousness. With that said, lets address the topic of how to meditate and discuss some of the issues you may encounter when you begin to meditate.

Again, one of the greatest tools you have is Meditation. The reason Meditation is such a great tool, is because the conscious mind is not able, and does not know how to reach into the abundance of the reality that you truly are. The conscious mind only knows what has been placed within it.

"So to reach your true power you have to go beyond the conscious mind!"

Now, that can be difficult to do, so how do you do it? Well first of all, do not consider the conscious mind to be the enemy. The conscious mind does a good job of what it has been created to do.

"Do not try to get rid of the mind, instead make it a partner."

Tell the mind that there is another part of you that you desire to reach and incorporate in your life. You may need to tell your mind that daily.

Second, allow yourself moments each day to quiet the mind and meditate.

Third, do not attempt to meditate for thirty minutes or an hour when you are not able to quiet your mind for two minutes. The more you resist and the more you try, the less results you get. The mind is very good. It is the sentinel on guard to protect you; therefore the more you resist only makes the mind stronger. So just quiet your mind. Do it with some music if that helps for as long as you can. When thoughts begin to enter, acknowledge them and let them go on, then return to the intent of quietness.

The more you center yourself the easier it becomes to center and sustain it. It is a process. The process requires Trust and Love. You have to Trust in your infinite, Divine intelligence, and in your Love. You have to trust your creative processes and that everything works for your benefit. Do not judge. If you judge it, it is impossible for Spirit to create through the circumstance. If you judge something as being an obstacle, or being bad, or being a difficult, then you can only resolve it through the ego system and that is usually struggle. When you judge things you throw another bolder in your path and then you begin to struggle. When you release your judgments, you then move through these perceived impediments. It is a different world, a different life. It is life free from disease, disharmony, and poverty. It is a life of rich abundance because you are creating from Spirit.

Now it will not happen overnight, for you have created an elaborate ego system, which will not be easily cast aside. The ego must learn how to allow the Spirit to flow through all that you have created. That means the ego must feel safe enough. Trust in you enough, that no matter what the appearances are, you are safe in knowing that Spirit has a way of creating that moves through what appears to be obstacles.

"So when you come to a difficult moment during your day, ask the inner portion of yourself to take control, to move through this circumstance, to remember how to flow with what is taking place."

It is safe to meditate. Now you are going to threaten your analytical mind a little bit, so it may not want to get quiet at times, and the ego will say this is nonsense, we are busy, we don’t have time for mediation. But it is your choice. It is safe. You do not feel threatened when you meditate. So step one begin to meditate.

Meditation does not have to be long because whenever your mind becomes active you may as well just go do what ever you have to do. If that is three minutes do three minutes. But it would be desirable if you can do at least one hour a day, to be in touch with that active place of Being.

Meditate. It is a powerful, powerful step you can take to get in touch with the inner power of who you are. Meditation will allow you moments of sanctity outside of the clatter of the illusion and the ego that you live in. Meditation is one of the most important steps you can take to discover that inner power, strength and truth of who you are. Until you discover that, you will never step outside of your managed safety zone that you created and tap into the real power of who you are. You will have everything when you begin to unlock the door to your power. So get quiet. Do it daily.

"We inhabit two worlds, the physical world and the world of Spirit. We are focused in the material or physical world, but the Spirit world always beckons. We must accept and seek out living in the Spirit world also; “Being” simple awareness without content. One has a core “Being” or essence. Access comes not by thinking or feeling, rather by going into the silent region within. There is no past, only the eternal NOW ever renewing itself. Now is the only time that really exists. The past is a memory, the future potential. Accept and move to higher sense of Self, unconnected with memory. Learn to listen to Spirit."

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