Salem's Message For 2011

Awaken to the Time of Remembrance

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem outlines key changes, directions, challenges, and choices for humanity in 2011 as the consciousness of the planet evolves toward a new golden age. Suggestions are given for how you can participate in the awakening of your consciousness during this time of great opportunity and awesome possibilities.

To understand the pathway of experience on planet Earth, there must be an understanding of creation, the creator and the desires to explore life experiences on Earth. As you look to 2011, it is our desire to open doorways for you to explore the possibilities on your planet.

Often we find humanity fixed upon an “Unknown Director of Earth”, but you must look within to see where you are going and the many paths you are choosing. We say to you, give credit to your own souls’ creative ability. As we look to your future, we are amazed at how skillfully you use your creative ability to hide your power from yourselves.

If you will look back to a period that began approximately in 1998, you will see that the interaction of the world has increased but in what seems to be in a chaotic maze or direction. However, because of these many new choices there are also many wonderful and awesome possibilities for your experience on the planet.

We are not addressing the esoteric nature of your creative power. We rather choose for you to understand—and therefore decide—your path to your ultimate destiny. In what follows, we will attempt to tell you what we see as the most obvious choices you will make.

The Old Playbook Not Working

You are tiring of the energy it takes to stir up the emotions, remembering that the emotions are created by your ego and are not your true ‘feelings’ of the soul—such as joy, peace, harmony and unconditional love. Although it would seem that the emotional playbook is working, it really is not. It does feed the fountain of media and money for a few, but have you ever been so emotionally engaged that it consumed you for a time? If so, you know the emotions cannot last, for they are a destroyer of the mental, the physical, and even the very thing you were so emotional about.

Usually when this kind of emotion reigns, it is designed to stir fear for your safety and the need to take an irrational action to insure you and your world survive. Let us first assure you that you are ‘safe’. However, your thoughts of safety are narrow and many find more confidence within their ego power than trusting in their inner power of the reality of All-That-Is.

The many scenes within the drama called “life on planet earth” are staged in many ways. However, it is only drama. When you see a play or watch a movie, you are caught up in the moment of action, but then you return to other thoughts of your life. If you can relate the drama that fear and emotions create for the moment in a movie to what you know is drama in your life, then you understand and are ready to take control of your planet.

Focus on the Vibrational Rhythm Patterns

Always remember: No matter what the outer appearances, do not stop on the highway of life. The real action—and therefore, the place for you to focus on—is the vibrational rhythm pattern that creates the reflection appearing before you. Therefore, to create the tomorrow you desire, focus upon the structure of the vibrational rhythm patterns and send your unconditional love. Then the change you desire must come. Love will transform the fear in the pattern and bring about the harmony, joy, love and peace you seek.

Light is Breaking Through

If you feel we are not giving to you a prediction for the coming year of 2011, let us say this: We feel it is most important for you to realize the choices of paths your world has. To give you a predetermined mindset would be unjust to your free will. We will tell you, however, how we see the patterns evolving.

There are some fierce battles and strategies for ego power that are rampant and being fed unfortunately without thought to the future of your world. Many souls now incarnated on your planet have used a great amount of your resources for their own ego power. They also have brought along their compatriots to support their efforts. At a soul level, they know this is the last hurrah for ego power, but they want to feel and taste that unreal power one last time. Thus you see many camps that are strongly engaged, ideologically, economically, and geographically.

What you do not hear about are the many souls who, at a soul level, are aware of this group of souls’ intent to create chaos upon your world. Many have engaged and, at times in your history, halted their ego intents of power in past lives. These souls are being drawn into the very center of their true power of Love, into the All-That-I-Am. They are not only holding the forces of destructive ego power at bay, while humanity awakens to the oneness of life and the reality of who they are, they are also healing the pain of fear.

We feel that in the coming year you will begin to see the light break through on many levels—spiritually, economically, and within the souls of humanity. The human soul is truly seeking peace. Look forward to 2011 with great hope, but also decide to be part of the healing of the fear and pain.

The Golden Age

There is a Golden Age that is within your vision as you awaken to the Time of Remembrance (See the Divine Plan). That Golden Age brings peace, prosperity, understanding, and the respect for the diversity and harmony of all life, not just the human expression upon your planet.

Perhaps we should tell you why we see the planet moving toward the Day of Remembrance when you create the Golden Age of this journey of your souls: You yourselves placed deep within you this Time of Remembrance when you first made the choice to incarnate on a physical planet where you knew you might easily lose you way. You knew that one day, after all your wondering in the desert of experience on planet Earth, you would return to the self-awareness of who you truly are: a citizen of not only planet Earth, but of many universes. This journey into physical is one you probably have never experienced elsewhere. So maybe you lost your way on this path, but we tell you that is all that it is. You are now finding and becoming aware of why you are here and what direction you wish to take.

Just as it is sometimes difficult to know how the puzzle comes together to see the total picture of the creation, so you are placing the final pieces in your puzzle of the Earth journey of your soul. We congratulate you on taking a truly complex and sometimes what you perceive to be difficult journey. But remember it is not reality; it is only drama. It is a stage play produced by souls who have many different byways to experience.

You will see a settling of many chaotic patterns. You will see more of things that have been hidden coming to light—both within yourself and others and the world stage. The hidden is being revealed, not for judgment, but for reconstruction into a better pattern. It does no good to dwell in the past appearances of your creations. Move forward with love, hope, healing, extending your hand to others in any way you can to help them heal—maybe through an activity, or in faithful meditation of healing of all ego patterns on the planet.

Focus on the World You Desire

A New Day is Dawning on your world. We feel that the chaos of fear-based energy is losing power. Focus on what you wish the world to be, and remember all souls have the same divinity within. Focus on that divinity. Do not focus on the conflict and fear that others would like you to experience so that you are held in the bondage of their control.

Although many souls incarnated on your planet at this time are seeking control of humanity and the planet for their own ego power, and even though it might seem fear is winning the day, we tell you it is not so. They fight so fiercely because they know, at the depth of who they are, the game is almost over and they are losing.

We would ask you to consider where you wish to focus your own power—on fear or Love. Enjoy the journey to the Time of Remembrance by standing steadfast in the depth of allowing Spirit—not the appearances of fear—to be your guide. Rejoice in the Time of Remembrance. The time will come when even the most fear-based movements will see it is only drama; the last curtain will fall, the play will end, and the reality of the New Golden Age dawns.

Fear will not be a participant in this new wonderful, awesome experience. Love will have conquered the conflict, pain, and fear. Then you truly will be free to express all the divinity and diversity of your soul on your beautiful world. Can you imagine it? Can you believe this is truly your journey? It has been misunderstood for eons of time, as the ego has been striving to bring you to this moment of soul experience, through the many religions and belief systems of control. But you must be kind to the ego, for it does not understand it is only a belief system. You will know this as you awaken during this Time of Remembrance.

A Time of Great Opportunity

As you awaken to the Time of Remembrance—and some souls are in this process at this time—you will see with clear vision the wonder, beauty, and All That You Are. You will understand the power of your own creative ability, and you will create in harmony with all life for you realize that all life is you. This, our dear beloved humanity, is the heaven on Earth that you once knew and will live again. We tell you it is so.

Be it known that as your soul chooses the path of remembrance through non-judgment, detachment, respect of all life, meditation, and actively engaging in the healing of yourself and others through unconditional love, you also will begin to express and live a life of beauty, love and fulfillment. Unconditional Love means sending love without the intent to control the outcome, but having a deep inner trust that Love heals all. Earth was always meant to be a playground, not a schoolhouse. It is safe to enjoy your life as you find your way back to Reality and back to the remembrance of who you truly are in the journey of your Soul.

What will 2011 bring for you? What do you desire it to bring? Know you create what you experience. Do not allow mass consciousness to lead your creations. It is a wonderful time, wide open with possibilities. Believe that through the guidance of Spirit teaching you to let go of the vibrational rhythm patterns of the powerless ego and its belief system, you again become aware that you are an unlimited soul, with unlimited free will. In the midst of what may seem chaotic, you have your greatest opportunity to remember who you are. We say go for it.

I leave you in Love and I am Salem.

copyright Diandra 2011