Be a Part of Healing the Fear

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem suggests that it is time to move to another level of consciousness to be a part of healing the fear on the planet. Techniques are included to help achieve this level of consciousness with special emphasis on the importance of “Honor and Respect” during these transitional times.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We told you sometime back that fear would be growing on your planet but so would love. Now fear doesn't only mean that you're afraid of something, it can also mean you are depressed, angry, find yourself frustrated or intolerant. Simply put: anything that isn't Love is fear. So we are seeing a lot of fear-based energy being gathered, and fear is having a party. We'll just put it that way.

This is causing people around the world, for whatever the reason, to be out of their center. They are out of their element of feeling their power, and thus they are feeling powerless as they deal with the circumstances and situations in their lives. And let me say this to you. I don't care if you never pick up a newspaper, hear a newscast, or know anything that goes on next door to you, the fear energy is still there and vibrating with your fear, and thus, it still is enhancing your struggles with life.

So what we are telling you is this: it's time to move to another level of consciousness. And how do you do that? How in all of this chaos around you, and all of the fear that is rampant on your planet do you change and move to another level of consciousness? How do you divorce yourself from this energy, and all of the perceived needs, and things that you hear are so dire? Here are some steps that we have given to you over and over and over.

Steps for Another Level of Consciousness

  • Make time for meditation. You need a quiet time within yourself daily.
  • Detach. Detach from whatever is troubling you even if it is minor. Doesn't mean you won't still deal with it, and it doesn't mean that it can't come out the way you want it, but detach. Whatever it is, is not that important. It truly is not.
  • Clear your chakras daily! Because if you do not, all those perceptions are going to still run the show.
  • Make an effort to practice Non-judgment. You are not in a position to know enough to judge. You are only feeding energy and empowering what you judge. You cannot send unconditional love for healing and transformation as long as you are also judging the issue, situation, person, etc. So remove your judgments.
  • Honor and respect. This is more of a duty than a choice. I don't care if what you are honoring and respecting is diabolical to your position. It doesn't mean you have to agree. It doesn't mean you even have to support it, but it does mean that because it exists it is God. It is God expressing. And as it is God expressing, your duty is to honor and respect.

Honor and Respect: The Benefit

To Honor and Respect doesn't mean you have to agree with, support, or like whatever it is. But it does mean you give it the right to exist because it is God. It could not exist if it were not a part of God. So when you do not honor and respect that something has the right to its existence then what you are doing is shutting off the flow of your good. And we want you to really hear that.

"When you do not honor and respect all things you shut off the flow of your good."

Why is that? Because you are refusing the energy path between you and something else that exists. Now maybe you don't want it. Maybe you say, “I don't want that as a part of my life” then you will not have it as a part of your life. It is not your choice and that is okay. But when you shut off paths then what happens is a good that could come down that path cannot get to you.

Have you ever had something that just came out of the blue from somewhere totally unknown, or you never thought something would come from where it did, or you just were amazed at how a situation worked out and you never thought it could be like that. Well you were open and the path was open for the good to come to you. Have you ever met someone that initially you really didn't care for, but in the end you became good friends? Who knows what opened those paths that allowed you to become good friends. You could have become the worst of enemies, but it didn't work out that way. Somehow you allowed an open path so the good from this relationship could flow.

The Right to Heal

As long as you have a consciousness that allows for the existence of whatever creations have been created, then you also have the right to transform the fear in those creations. Do you know how powerful that is my friend? If you condemn it, if you judge it, you have no rights to do anything because the path between you and the creation is closed. But when you allow an open path, you can send love, and that love transforms the fear. Now when the fear in the creation is transformed by your love, then the amazing thing that happens is the fear in you is also transformed.

So you are in a time when you have the power to be able to change the world. You have the power to heal the fears that are out there: the ugliness, the crime, the warfare, the terrorism, the children that suffer, all the things that are painful to humanity on your planet. How do you make it different?

Well it's not going to go away if you hold it in judgment. Because, as we have already said, every time you judge it, you only feed energy and empower it. Somebody, somewhere, created this and that could have even been you. What you have to realize and know is: you have the power and the right, as long as you only send unconditional love and keep the pathway open, to transform the fear in anything and everything. That is the only thing you have the right to do. You don't have the right to change it. You don't have the right to deny it. You don't have the right to annihilate it, but you do have the right to heal it. And by healing we do not mean the outcome necessarily changes, but that the fear is healed and transformed within the creation. Once that happens, the creation will change in whatever is for the highest and best good. Not necessarily will that be your desired or preferred outcome. But you must trust that unconditional love knows how to heal for what is the highest and best good for all.

Here's the miracle in all of this. The world is in great transition and fear cannot win, but it's fighting a mighty powerful battle and a lot of souls are experiencing pain. The fear has gotten to a point where it has grown into a heavy cloud and it's time to change it. It's time to change it. You are in a point right now where so much light has been sent around your planet to help you to do this. All you have to do is make that your choice. But you cannot make that choice for a church group, or a political group, or a particular ethnic group to do it. No! You need to do it. And that is the only thing you have the right to dictate, is you.

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