Two Sides of a Coin

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Salem describes the inherent attributes of your Spirit (Joy, Harmony, Peace, and Love) and contrasts that with opposite attributes of the ego's emotional body (Sadness, Conflict, Turmoil, and Hate). How these Spiritual and emotional attributes effect your energy and daily life are explored. Realize you can choose to respond to life from your Spirit or from your emotional body.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We want to explore what we will call two sides of a coin. One side of the coin is attributes of your Spirit and the other side are counterparts of your emotional body. The attributes of the Spirit are Joy, Love, Peace, and Harmony, and on the emotional side of the coin: Sadness for Joy, Conflict for Harmony, Turmoil for Peace, and Hate for Love.

Which of these words ring in your heart bringing you to a higher elevation of understanding of the beauty of life?

We know much has been written about joy, happiness, grief, and sadness. We want to address what these attributes of Spirit and the corresponding emotional body counterparts do to your energy and the affect they have on your daily life. Let us begin with Joy.

Joy - Sadness

Joy is not happiness for happiness is part of the emotional body. Joy can bring happiness, but joy is not dependent upon what is taking place in your life in order to live from your Spirit. Happiness is always dependent upon the last event, the last words that were spoken, the last new toy you obtained, or the last success you felt you had achieved. But the ring of the telephone, with one call, can change all of the happiness that the emotional body knows.

Joy is different. Joy lives inherently within your Spirit. From Joy all things have a beauty that can be appreciated. Joy always awaits the opportunity to express itself no matter what is taking place, how something is, or what you feel is good or bad. Joy is always present, it is just a matter of allowing it to be brought forth from your Spirit.

Now, the other side of the coin from Joy is sadness. Sadness also has many attributes: Sadness is grief, loneliness, depression. All of those things pour forth from the emotion of sadness. Sadness tends to control everything that it encompasses, for if you are sad, it is difficult for you to enjoy even the most beautiful things in your life. Even when others try to make you feel better, it usually is only a momentary dispersing of the energy of sadness that engulfs you.

Now what is the energy of these two attributes? The energy of sadness tends to deplete your immune system physically. When you are sad, depressed, lonely, grief stricken, you will find there is a tendency to also have physical aliments, because sadness drains the life force and vitality from your physical body. Joy will enhance. If you want to feel better look for the Joy in whatever is taking place.

To bring forth Joy, you may have to quiet yourself for a moment and just be thankful that you exist and for the wonderful opportunities you have had to express your soul in this dimension. Joy will fill the life force of every cell in your body with an energetic rejuvenation. Joy will keep you young. Joy will keep you healthy. Joy will provide the message to your physical body “Life Is Worth Living” and your physical body will respond.

Now, we know your emotional responses have a very real consciousness and affect upon you. But also realize that you have chosen that avenue of experience or expression. As long as you allow the emotional body to be in control rather than your soul and Spirit, you will feel out of control.

With Joy you will not feel out of control but simply the abundance of life and living. But when you are in the grasp of the emotion of sadness, such as depression, you can find it difficult to bring yourself out of that state because it is a control. Emotions control because they are your first line of defense to ensure you are safe. If you are not safe, the emotions will try to protect you by whatever means it has found within its experience that has kept you safe. So you may withdraw because the emotions say to withdraw is safe.

Joy lives an abundant, wonderful, exuberant, excited, "feeling" of life. Joy allows you to enjoy your journey on this planet. The energy of Joy will rejuvenate, enhance your immune system. Sadness will deplete it. When you are feeling bad, if you can move into Joy you will see your body respond in a positive way. Sadness will drain your life force, because you do not enjoy life, you have no reason to function.

Harmony - Conflict

Harmony, being an attribute of Spirit, accepts all things as they are without the need to control, manipulate, or change it. You may think that is not a very safe way to live, but lets look at the energy of harmony and what it does.

First, when you accept you neutralize resistance. When you neutralize resistance you do not have two energies doing what? Conflicting. Conflict is a total scattering of energies. Nothing can grow in conflict. You may think that some of the greatest learning has come out of conflict, but that understanding did not come about at the time of the conflict.

In conflict, you find all is depleted, because you are using your resources to sustain the resistance. When you use your resources to sustain conflict, then all of the energy that was available to support you, is now being used to resolve, resist, control, and manipulate conflict. Thus nothing is gained from conflict. It is an energy that will use your resources on whatever level whether that is personal, political, social, or on a national or international level.

You may think, if I do not stand when attacked then what do I do? Well, the interesting thing is that an attacker must have something to attack. If there is harmony, then there is nothing to attack, for you will not resist what the attacker presents to you. With out the resistance, conflict has nothing to sustain it. It then has to find another energy source of like kind that will feed the conflict, for you are not providing that energy from your resources. So if there is nothing to attack, there is nothing to sustain the conflict and very quickly the conflict will dissolve.

Now lets go back to harmony. If you choose to live in harmony, you can only do that by laying down your tool of judgement, and for much of humanity that is a very large request. How can I live without my judgements? How can I be safe if I do not judge what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong?

Judgements only hold you and what you judge in bondage. You will never find what you are searching for through judgement. Judgement cannot hold safe all that you desire, but judgement will work very hard at to keep your arena within its scope so that you continue to judge.

What does the energy of Harmony accomplish for you? What if the largest irritation in your life you decide not to resist? You decide that for a day, a week, you will live with this irritation whatever it might be, a person or situation, etc.. You will come to the point where you no longer resist, but instead accept. Now what happens to the energy when there is no resistance, but only acceptance?

First, the energy of acceptance brings about a stability that allows for harmony, for the unstable energy of conflict will never allow harmony. You can sign as many peace treaties as you want, but if they only bring about a standstill rather than an acceptance, it will erupt in conflict again. So harmony is accepting, without judgement, what is.

Now we are not saying you have to immerse your life in what does not feel to be your choice of experiences on the planet. But we are saying, if you want to have an existence that brings the abundance that you desire, you must live in harmony. And why is that? We explained that conflict uses your resources. If conflict is using all of your resources you then have no energy to create and sustain your desires. So if you are arguing, fighting, and putting a lot of energy into what you do not like, that is conflict. If you think a lot about what you do not like that is conflict. Realize you are then using your energy to sustain what you do not want, because conflict takes a lot of energy; Resistance takes a lot of energy. Which is easier? Holding your palms out to receive or trying to push the river back?

So to achieve the abundance that you desire in your life, Harmony is a prerequisite. That does not say that you cannot have some good here and there because you are not always in conflict. But if you truly want to live your desires then the energy of Harmony is required to bring about those creations.

Peace - Turmoil

Lets talk about Peace and its opposite side of the coin, the emotion, Turmoil. Peace is power! There is no power anywhere like the power that resides within you when you are in a place of Peace. Peace is the battery that sustains all other things. Peace allows everything to unfold. Peace allows Harmony and Joy.

What happens when you are in turmoil? Do you have any power? When you are in turmoil, your energy is scattered and you are torn apart. You are literally, to use the phrase, “Just torn up about this”. Your energy is shredded in every direction when you are in turmoil.

Turmoil has degrees. Turmoil can simply be when you are indecisive and can not make up your mind. What do I do? Do I do this or do I do that? You are in turmoil. Turmoil shreds your energy and can quickly drain your power. If you have a situation in your life creating turmoil, then either find a way to step into Peace with that situation, or we would suggest there is a message that something is not working for you.

So when you make a decision, find your place of Peace first. Making a decision in turmoil can be difficult and often does not give you the result you desire. When you make your decision from a place of Peace, you are detached from the outer circumstances allowing a clarity that Turmoil does not provide; you are also connected and open to the inner portions of yourself allowing for a superior decision making process.

Always remember Peace is power. Without Peace you have no power. You can try to control and manipulate but you have no real power. Peace is the power pack of the Spirit. It allows you to expand and be in a place of knowing allowing revelations to come to you. When you are in that place of peace, you have power without speaking a word. Peace allows the stage to bring about your desires.

You cannot have Peace unless you allow Harmony and Joy, and you cannot have Harmony and Joy unless you are willing to have Peace. You see, much of humanity does not want Peace, for they think Peace does not feel powerful, and therefore, will not bring what they desire. Conflict feels much more powerful. Turmoil feels in its own way like action. But Peace is the power pack. If you truly want to accomplish great things, whatever that means to you, you will find it much easier if you are in that place of Peace.

Love - Hate

Now lets talk about Love and its complete opposite Hate. Hate just consumes you. Hate is when your emotional body is the most inflamed, and left unchecked can destroy you. The level of the energy that comes from Hate and all of its attributes such as anger, unkindness, etc, will destroy your emotional body. It will destroy your ability to function even in your logical mind, and it will literally burn up your cellular body. Hate will consume, and too often that will show it self as a physical illness of one kind or another.

It is never worth giving one second of energy to Hate. The emotional body only goes to that emotion in the extreme when it feels there is no other way to take care of your ego, or for you to be safe. Somebody, something, some situation has been so unfair to you, so mean, so unjust, that you can not ever stand to have that happen again. Then the wall of the energy of Hate goes up and then It all turns inward on you. So Hate is a very destructive emotion. It is almost like a self-destruct button.

Now what about Love? We certainly have talked enough about Love over the years. When we talk about “love” we are not talking about the emotion of love, we are talking about the attributes of your Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, and Harmony. They have nothing to do with the emotions. Love (unconditional love not the emotion of love) is the true reality of All-That-Is.

Emotional love is very fickle. Emotional love can have you on the highest cloud or it can pierce your heart with pain. It is the emotion that leaves you the most vulnerable and does not always feel safe to the ego system. When you have emotionally opened yourself to love and it has been rejected, or you have been hurt, then you are afraid to do that again. It really got to the core of who you thought you were, and it did not feel good.

Unconditional love, finds its way through anger, depression, sadness, and frustration. Love finds it way through all of those things in the emotional body and opens a path so the emotional body drops its protection for a time and allows you to emotionally open to love. But the moment love comes crashing down for some reason: Someone disappoints you, someone hurts you, someone rejects you, someone has not returned your love or has been unkind to you, the emotional body immediately closes up and all of the other defense mechanisms go into place.

The love of the Spirit, honors and respects all things because it exists. It does not decide if an existence is good or bad, worthy or unworthy, or if it should or should not be, or what something or someone should or should not do; that is unconditional love. Unconditional love is not a feeling of emotion but a feeling of the Spirit. What it does is open itself and embraces all things without conditions or judgement. Unconditional love says, I embrace you totally, I embrace the situation, I embrace life simply because it exists. That is unconditional love.

What happens to the energy of unconditional love that embraces all things as they are? First, Love encompasses Peace, Harmony, and Joy. So you have the power of Peace, the abundance of Harmony, and the exuberance of Joy in your life, and all you have to do is to allow yourself to be you, for that is your reality. That is who you truly are. That is the essence of your Soul. That is your beauty, your perfect health, your perfect job, your perfect relationship, your perfect life.

When you allow the totality of the energy that truly is, the creative source flowing through you, then all of the situations that the emotions needed to address, the turmoil, the conflict, are no longer part of your life. They are not even in your consciousness or reality. They no longer have the ability to open the door and step in because the energy of Love, the reality of Love, is all that is. The rest is the illusion that the ego has created. When you choose, and it is a choice, to live in unconditional love, then you can accept and embrace all that is because it exists. Because it exists, it is God, for nothing can exist without the life force of the creator.

So embrace what may not be acting the way you think it should act, what may not be doing what you think it should do, and the person that may be causing what you consider to be a lot of problems and heart aches. Realize a lot of your views are due to your perceptions. We are not going to go into perceptions here, but perceptions control your life to a large extent. How you perceive experiences. Not the experience, but how you perceive the experience to be.

When you choose Love, the energy of Love also heals the conflict, sadness, and turmoil. Love can heal the degrees of hate and love that exist in the emotional body so they no longer have any power to control you. Do you really want to live from your emotions and be controlled by your emotional body or from that place of power and abundance where all things are possible? We would suggest that whatever your questions, whatever your problems, the answer is Love.

You see, all things are possible to you. You have no limitation on your creations and your freewill. All things are possible, but they are only possible when you reside in the energy that allows the possibilities to happen. Being in turmoil, sadness, conflict, and the hate – love situations is not where it happens. It happens when you choose to reside in the energy of your Spirit, which is Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.

We hope that we have given you a little something to consider and think about. If there is only one little nugget of truth that feels right to you then take it in your heart and let it grow. Begin to see the benefit of your choice of coming to this planet. The benefit is, it is a beautiful physical world when you allow it to be.

If as a collective consciousness, you truly move into the attributes of the Spirit, you can not imagine what your existence could be when you no longer allow the emotional energies to drain, deplete, shred, and tear, preventing your greatness from coming forth. For you see, you can have it all. That is your birthright and It is what you came here to explore. But you must make the choice to trust that you are safe to Love, to be in Peace, to be in Harmony, not resisting because you are safe, and be in Joy even when it looks dark, for Joy will change your life.

Four Spiritual states will give you what you are searching for, the answers you are looking for. All the rest is your superfluous creativity trying to find the way. Remember, ask for our help. We are here to help you, but we cannot and would not interfere with your free will. So ask for our help. I leave you in love and I am Salem.

copyright Diandra 2013