Living Without Need

Discovering Who You Are

Salem through Diandra

Article Summary

Living without needs is scary for humanity. You may be able to let go of a few of your needs but all of them and still be safe? Yes, when you know who you are and come from that power. With the way the energies are now on the planet, you have to take the action and begin to move beyond the ego's needs.

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We want to address the various energies taking place on the planet at this time, and more importantly, your place within these energies.

You see, your planet and your incarnation into the human soul is so unique. Yes, there are many ways of expressing intelligence. But to be able to express within the beauty of a three-dimensional physical form, and also have an intangible inner world where thoughts manifest, creating anything you desire, is pretty magnificent.

On top of that, you truly are now in a different time. The planet is in a transition that is and shall take place. There is no question of the transition accomplishing itself. It is just a matter of being the next scene in the creative process.

The creative process continues to go on and on and on and on. The outcome of this process is the conglomeration of not only what you are creating but also what the mass consciousness is manifesting. You can think of the mass consciousness contribution as setting a stage for everyone on the planet, and your individual creative process contributes but also plays out on this stage.

Energies Clashing

For some time now we have talked about: that fear and Love will heighten, but Love would not make the five o’clock news, that the hidden shall come to light, that the old ways will no longer work, and to center yourself for changes are coming. The transition has brought all of these things to an ever greater distinction and awareness on the planet. So a lot of things are happening and have happened.

Because the stage is set with transition, and because this is Earth with free will and unlimited creativity, at this time, a lot of energies are erupting and clashing. There are souls who have had a lot of ego power and authority for many lifetimes and they are not wanting to give that up. There are also souls who, let us say, serve humanity for the higher and better purpose and see this time as a wonderful opportunity to help humanity have a more enjoyable journey on the planet.

You can see this as fear and Love playing out and that is exactly what it is. Fear, being ego driven, must have, be, whatever, for safety purposes: So one can exist, eat, sleep, whatever, to be safe. All of that is fear. All of those needs are fear-based.

You may be following every rule humanity has set forth in your society to attain those needs, but those are the old ways, and you are now living in a different time where the energies are such that the old ways no longer work as they used to.

Why the Old Ways Will No Longer Work

The truth is: All of the ego driven power, on whatever level, is not going to win, because, at this time, too many clear energy paths have been set in motion on the planet. These clear energy paths have come about because you asked. Because you asked for peace that the world be able to come together in harmony. Because you have asked for what was always the destiny of this planet. Because you have asked, there is now the ability to clear through some of these very entangled and entrenched energy patterns that keep you in fear.

What if everything that you think you need is gone. What does that do to you? Does that strike terror to your heart as to how you are going to survive on this planet? If it does, then you do not understand and know who you are.

Living without needs is a scary thing for humanity. You may be able to let go of a few of your needs but all of them and still be safe? Yes, when you know who you are and come from that power. We do not know how to say it differently. With the way the energies are now on the planet, you have to take the action and begin to move beyond the ego's needs.

Now, if you don't move beyond the ego needs, we are not saying you are going to die or go hungry. We are not even going to say your life will change or you will not have things. But you will not enter the power source that is being opened for you at this time. You will not know who you are. You will not have the joy of that Divine, creativity and being-ness that is being brought forth because it will not work. That is the old ways.

The old ways are needs and how do I make sure they are fulfilled.

Following the old ways will more likely leave you in confusion and make you worry, because it will be more difficult to hold on to and manifest your desires using the old ways. You will then doubt what you think you know, and may see others moving down a path away from you and wonder why. Well, it is not because they are better than you, or more holy or spiritual than you. They just made the choice to live from who they are knowing they are safe and can really live if everything they think they need is gone.

What To Do

Here are some steps you can take to move beyond the ego’s needs and into the power of who you really are.

Pretend You Have No Needs

For even a short time, pretend that you have no needs. Pretend. We are not saying to declare, “I have no needs”, because that will not work. Your ego will quickly remind you, you do have needs. But pretend.

So take a day where there is nothing essential you are doing without: The bills are paid, food is on the table, you have a place to sleep, and you are not in the midst of any huge relationship broils, etc.. It will then be easier to pretend you have no needs because, for the most part, they are being met. This is probably the safest way for you to address the ego so it will allow you to do the pretending.

Vision, Clarity, and Manifestation

To move beyond the ego needs, it is imperative that you have the vision, the knowing, and the active engagement of who you are.


The vision you need is to know:

All things are possible to you. All things are possible to you!


Not only do you need vision, but vision with clarity. Clarity of the trust and the knowing you are a Divine creator with all-possibilities, unlimited. When you do this, more clear energy paths open for you.

Manifestation (Creating in Love)

To bring about the manifestation, you need vision, and the clarity of understanding, and the willingness to make the choice and trust. Now, what is the manifestation? The manifestation you are looking for is truly about manifesting the Love that all things are.

You see, you have to create in Love. You have to create wanting the same blessing to be bestowed upon everything and everyone you know, otherwise you are denying yourself your own creation because everything is you. So the manifestation cannot happen as long as you are angry at this, or you are upset about that, or you do not think “they” deserve this, whatever the situation may be. Whatever the vision and clarity is from your Divine nature, in purity and Love, you want that higher good for everything and everyone on this planet.

You want to manifest not only the love that you are, but the love for all things that are because they are you. Send and wrap everything in Love.

Now, your manifestation may not come in the same three-dimensional way that it does for others. That is okay because it is still a diverse planet. But the more what you send out is for the higher good for everything and everyone, the more you are healing all parts of yourself and helping all souls to do the same.

Further, when you do not have a need, you also do not have a misdeed. Because your needs are perceived to be based on your safety, there is a tendency to place your good before the good of others. Then you wonder why there are blockages and why things no longer seem to work.

First, the ego can bump against some real big players and no longer be able to get the job done as it did in the past. Secondly, it is not who you are. You are not that ego belief system.

You are glorious, wonderful, Divine beings, and now is your time of remembrance, and it is not going to take a lot before things begin to open in a large way.

We are excited about the choices that are being made and what we see happening on your planet. We truly feel there are those souls who are setting their intent for the higher good of all, meaning: the animals, the plants, your environment, every person, all! When the intent is for the higher good of all, then what happens? It feeds right along with your vision and clarity, understanding that you have to bless it all, hold it all in Love, because it is you. You do not know who you are until you allow yourself to continually refill yourself with that knowing and Love.

You cannot know your power in any other way, because then you are limiting it.

Implement The Principles

For years have we said to implement the principles. But the ego thinks the principles do not work or that they are not safe. The ego believes it can get the job done, and many times the ego has gotten the job done, but we are now in different times.

Don’t Ride the Teeter Totter

Do not put yourself on a teeter totter. Try to stay consistent. Do not decide to move into this new space, and then when something unforeseen happens that is scary, you go back to, “I got to figure out how to fix this. I need this”.

Because you no longer desire to create in the old way, you have to trust that your power is going to kick in, and do something for you that it is much better and grander than what you would have done through the ego. But that is a trust thing, and we cannot do that for you. If you feel you cannot do it then do not feel guilty or bad. In time you may see things happening and working for others that will allow you to develop the trust necessary to move down that road and that is okay.

Love Yourself

Do you remember what “in love” feels like? It usually does not last too long. But “in love” is so above the fray.

Love looks over the little stuff!

Be in love with you. See the good in you, the Divinity in you. Then when things come up that are not too great, and you get angry or behave in a way that is not real “lovable”, realize that is not you. That is not you! That is the ego kicking up a little drama so it has something to do and lets you know it is still there.

Be in love with the beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, light that you are.

The light that you are came to this dimension to experience in a harmonious, joyful, loving, abundant way what three-dimensional existence is about. Your natural birthright is abundance in all things. If you do not have it, it is because you feel you do not deserve it.

The only way you feel you do not deserve abundance in all things is if you look from your ego at something you did or did not do, or a choice you should or should not have made, whatever it might be. Just lay down all those little weapons and belief systems that would limit you.

Enter the Open Energy Fields

As mentioned earlier, there have been enough requests and light sent out that clear energy pathways or fields have now been opened. In the past we gave you the seven energy pathways for your chakras and we hope you are still using them because they are still there. These clear energy fields are not exactly the same thing. They are more like energy fields that have been cleared. Fields that your consciousness knows how to go to—but they cannot be contaminated. You cannot take your ego stuff there: your angers, frustrations and needs, because then you do not have a clear field.

Ask to enter these fields and immerse yourself in this clear energy that will help and refresh you. Being in this energy will help you to trust because it is pure and clear and not laden down with all of the experiences and thoughts that says: it is bad, this is bad; you are not going to make it.

To help enter these fields, it is beneficial to pretend you do not have needs. Allow yourself to pretend and believe for a little while, a day if you can, and when you really feel free from your needs then enter the fields. Otherwise, you will not successfully enter these fields if you are still in a space of needs and fears because these fields are too pure, too high of an energy pattern. So put your needs and fears aside even if it is just for a day.

You will know when you enter these clear fields because you will feel it. You will feel the rush of freedom. Once you realize it is safe to let go of your needs and go into these fields, the more you will know who you are and be able to send the Love with the light that you are.

These fields feel so good because they are so brilliant and wonderful. The brilliance of light in these fields allows for a clarity away from the mass consciousness. Therefore the more you experience these fields, the more you begin to trust and recognize that you do not have to worry about things. They do not matter. You are safe and do not have to be concerned.

Now that does not mean that you do not take care of your daily business or you quit paying your bills. We do not think you think that, but we want to be clear about that. It is not that. You are still living life, but you are living it in peace, a real peace, and in joy. Not only that, you are healing yourself because you are healing everything else.

Never Been a Time Like This

There has never been a time like this on the planet. Never, never like this. There have been times of enlightenment, chaos, weather changes, extinction, and depression as far as how you treated each other. There has been many times, but never a time like you are entering.

Yes, it is chaotic, but the chaos can also be exciting. Enjoy the chaos because if you look through the prism of Love, you will see the embryo of newness coming out struggling to find its way through these chaotic energies. Energetically, this is the way it is done. But as the embryo grows stronger, it begins to align and heal, and the chaos becomes the miracles of things that before did not happen.

Now is the time for you to bring joy into the journey that your soul chose to have a very long time ago. This is the most brilliant, wonderful, glorious, time of opportunity; and the most brilliant, wonderful, glorious, time if you can allow yourself to be who you are. Opportunities are going to come your way like never before.

It is your choice. It is your decision. We cannot and do not have the right to make it for you. But we do love you unconditionally, and we want you to grab a little sense that nothing is threatening you. You are safe. Do not be afraid, do not worry. And do not worry about your needs because then you are going to create it, you see. You will then be in the ego system, and it is going to chug, chug, chug trying to make life work using the old ways.

Now all of this is not beyond you. We are not giving you some, “Oh gosh, that would be so nice if life was like that”. No. We would not do that to you. We would not tell you these things knowing you could never do it. What would be the point? We would, instead, tell you how to survive in your ego on this planet. You can do it, but you have to choose.

And we leave you in love, and I am Salem.

copyright Diandra 2013