2012 Galactic Alignment


Will the galactic alignment in 2012 cause earth changes that will greatly affect our lives in the next two to five years?

Salem: We would put the same question back to you and ask: what is humanity creating? It could mean absolutely nothing. You could go to bed one night and get up the next day and it is nothing but an interesting cosmic event, or it can be the tool to carry out what humanity fears most. So it is up to humanity, which way they are going to go.

You see the only reason anything is ever destroyed is because of fear. Now lets look at the word destroy. If it feels destructive to you then it is because something you feel is sacred, important, or keeps you safe or alive, is being destroyed. On the other hand, the same events could be seen as wiping away some of the old ways that no longer work, and thus, offer a glorious new beginning that is exciting no matter how others perceive it as destructive.

It is interesting that humanity has looked to the heavens, whether it is the stars, the planets, or how the planets are aligned. Humanity for a long time has looked to the heavens because they have not understood the heavens. Humanity has not traveled the heavens and so do not know what is out there necessarily. But humanity has learned to project into the heavens calendar events and meanings to life. So the heavens respond to your creative power, listening so-to-speak to the needs of humanity, and serving humanity based on those needs.

So we ask you this: do you believe that a planets circling in a certain orbit is going to make you happy, unhappy, sick, well, just because they are in a certain place? If you believe it then you have created it, and therefore, it will. And that is ok. But realize those beliefs represent a power outside of your self.

Now all of this may sound a little bit elusive to the question that you asked: 2012, alignment of planets, what is going to bring? We don’t know. We don’t know where humanity is going to be. We are doing our best to try to help you be in a space of power, healing, and Love because then the planets will respond to those expectations and the vibrational rhythm patterns that are given off by humanity on the planet.

Now of course, most of what you are hearing is fear-based; that the end of world is coming, or great destruction is coming, and it may. If fear rules it may, but it is not a given my friend. The other side is it could be the great day of enlightenment because humanity has healed enough of the fears so the reality of Love, and light, and harmony, is pervasive; then those planets are going to support that as well. They will support a broadening and an expanding of awareness and of consciousness.

So is it going to be a time of fear? Certainly we know that message is being spread whether it is by your religious community, your movie community, or the media. It is all about doomsday is coming. And to a certain extent, humanity likes the fear. The ego understands violence, destruction, and it thinks it knows what to do with it, but the reality of who you are, the Love, knows none of that. If there is enough healing, and that is the reality of your world, then you are going to see a time of a golden era that you have not known for many, many, years on this planet.

So we ask you: are you going to be a part of the fear or are you going to be part of the Love? That is an individual decision. You cannot depend that everybody else is going to do it. No. You do it as if you are the one that casts the deciding vote. And when enough of humanity realizes they are the ones who are responsible for how that day will be then it is going to be a wonderful day for you.