Salem On The Media


Salem, you have mentioned that the ego ways will no longer work and that listening to the media, which tries to sensationalize things, is probably not the best thing to do. Because the media is also an “ego thing”, being full of energy, is that also something that is not going to work anymore?

Salem: In time, because anything that is too intense will burn itself out or explode. That is just the way it is on your planet. Whenever there is a buildup of anything, volcanoes, earthquakes, the energy has to release. This build-up of ego intensity has taken its toll. It is destructive and does not feel good. It binds you up and limits you, not letting you expand and grow. It just puts you in a little knot, a little box, that gets tighter and tighter and pretty soon that comes apart. But as with any explosion, the explosion can touch a lot of areas causing destruction, but after that, the new comes forth.

We would suggest to you, where you see something as destructive—whatever it might be, on whatever level, the media or otherwise—as you know of it, take your consciousness and place it in the middle of it and just “Be”. Do not judge. Do not talk about it. Do not try to make it different. Do not try to be a part of it. Just put your consciousness there, for a few minutes, and just be the light. It will do a remarkable amount of impacting. Now, that impacting may intensify what is going on for a moment, because fear will always fight back. Always. But at the same time, while it may intensify for the moment, it weakens the structure.

Now remember: For this to be effective, you cannot judge it, and you still have to honor its right to exist. You are recognizing the pain and fear, and all you are intending to do is just heal the pain and the fear. Not to change it. You have no right to that. You are sending the light of your divine self, that consciousness, to heal the pain and fear and the rest will take care of itself.

So in the case of the media, you are not trying to change them or make them go out of business. You are in a space where it is okay for the media to exist and all you want to do is heal the pain and fear.

The key is, when you do this, to be in the purity of the light. Because if you are not, then all you are going to do is add to that energy and bring it back to yourself. Then just by your intent send your consciousness into the situation to bring the light to heal the fear and pain. You will be amazed. This is an easy and powerful way to help heal the planet.