Salem on Transforming the Ego


Moving from ego to reality, Salem talked about dipping your toe in the water and challenging us to dive in. So what does that look like and what are some of the first steps we can take to do that?

Salem: It will look a little scary because you will feel like you are losing control, but that is the ego losing control. So you have to trust and have faith in yourself and that is a little scary, because you are not sure that you have that much power or ability or, I want to say, Divinity and possibilities. You just do not know for sure that these abilities or characteristics are there. Somebody may say that they are but how do I really know.

So it starts by knowing that Love is all that is and wanting to BE Love. Wanting to BE Love in all situations and circumstances. But the first hurdle and the biggest obstacle to BEing Love is your judgments.

Now as we have said before, removing your judgments does not mean you cannot discern something. There is a difference between discernment and judgment. You may discern that a person ran a red light and endangered somebody's life. But what you cannot do with your judgment is say they should not have done that, that is wrong, that is bad. Yes, in the ego system it definitely is all of those things that justify your judgment. But that is what you got to overcome. That is when you have got to have the faith to just send the Love; Give thanks if nobody was hurt. You do not know what truly happened. You are judging a situation because it scared you. Because if you were there, you could have been hurt or harmed. Maybe they did not realize they even ran the light.

So the first thing is to recognize your judgments. Secondly when you do recognize you are judging, make a different decision by giving thanks and sending Love. Send Love to whatever the situation is even if it does not turn out very well. Send Love to it. As you do that, you will begin to see there is less difficult, negative, things impacting your world, because you are not creating it.

Now, it is not going to be a 24-hour transformation. It is a journey. It is a journey out of ego into reality. But it begins with making choices moment by moment by moment. That is what we mean when we say stick your toe in the water. But what we see is: you listen, you hear, you get the idea, but you do not live it. We are asking you to begin to live it. That is what we mean by diving into the water. Not just realizing you judged something and consciously saying that is okay. No, it is not okay if you truly want to heal yourself and the world. Then you have to go back and bless it, send Love to it, and allow that to return to you.

It is not easy because is not your nature at this point. Your nature is ego driven. So it is a whole transformation of the way you exist on this planet. But we will promise you it will give you what you are looking for. It will bring the blessings in your life, whether that is material, physical, emotional. You will begin to recognize that your emotions are not getting you very far when they are in control. As we have said many times, the emotions are your first line of defense for the ego system, but you will see they really do not protect you very well.

So it is just a matter of choice. It is a matter of BEing Love in all things. Suspending your judgments is the very first place to start. Give up your attachments, whatever they might be, and everybody has their own. Bless your day every day. Bless the things that are around you. Give thanks for the beauty in the world. Put your emphasis, your energy, your creativity on the things of Love and light. That will bring about creations of like-kind and they will be returned to you.