Tips for Raising Your Vibration


Could you give some techniques, visualizations, or whatever that would help access the higher vibrational energy to move on to the next level of creativity?

Salem: This is always interesting because, you see, you are asking for something to enforce your ego system and your analytical mind and yet free yourself from it. So how do we help you with this?

Make the conscious choice to, first of all, believe in possibilities beyond what you think is possible from your everyday experience and be open to the soul to bring forth those possibilities. Now that in itself gives the soul power. But you cannot dictate to the soul how to do it because that is the ego (the created) wanting to tell the creator how to create, you see.

Meditate. Meditation is very important because it is a step that will allow you to access the deeper part of yourself allowing revelations and insights that are not going to happen unless you take the time to quiet the analytical mind. What happens is you begin to touch into the Divine mind and expansion. So meditation is very important. It is something we know seems difficult to do in your busy world. But not only that, remember, the ego system thinks it is all that is and as far as it is concerned the rest is a threat to your existence and will do everything it can to protect you. So you have to make choices. You have the power and ability to choose.

Use affirmations to help change your thinking and expand your consciousness. Such as:

I am an unlimited being with all-possibilities. I allow those possibilities to flow through my soul, and trust that my soul has the ability to bring to me all that I desire. I am open to and accept all of the good that flows into my life.

You see, you often sabotage your own good. The soul begins to create abundance and the ego says, “Wait a minute, I don't know about good. I know about pain.” And this is so. If the ego has equal choice between pain and pleasure it will always choose pain, because the ego understands pain whether that be emotional, mental, or physical. So be open to your good. Know that it's okay to have good. It's okay for all possibilities to flow to you. The change is okay that comes in your life. Trust that the soul has the plan of Divinity in it.

Affirmations are beneficial because they are an energy you put forth. The spoken word is a vibration that is your creative source, so say your affirmations out loud, not to the mind, and then add the word “tonakona”. “Tonakona” is a vibrational sound that enhances whatever you are saying, so do not use it with what you do not want.

Also, focus on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Because as the soul begins it's creation, wherever your energy and attention is focused you are creating. So it is important you keep your focus on what it is that you desire and want (not need).

Next, you cannot escape your limitations as long as you have judgments. It is impossible.

And detach from the need. Detachment does not mean you are detaching from your desires, the excitement, the things you want, but the need for it.

To Summarize:

  1. Make a conscious choice to believe in the possibilities.
  2. Be open to the soul to bring forth those possibilities.
  3. Mediate to open to the Divine mind & gain insights.
  4. Use affirmations to help expand your thinking.
  5. Say your affirmations out loud, not just to the mind.
  6. Add the word tonakona.
  7. Keep your focus on what it is that you desire or want.
  8. Trust that your soul has the plan of Divinity in it.
  9. Be open and accept your good.
  10. Live in the Now-moment.
  11. And of course practice non-judgment and detach from the need.

These are critical things you can do to be able to free yourself from your own experiences that you have created!