Can We Impact the Lives of Those We Love?


I appreciate your comments really reinforcing that thoughts become reality and we have a profound impact on our own lives. Can we also have a profound impact on the lives of those we love?

Salem: Yes you can! But not with attachments and not with what you want. But the effect you can have is to hold them in Love to heal their fear so they can make the best choices for themselves. And that is HUGE my friend!

If you can do that without an attachment of what you think is best, then… Because you know what? You don’t know what is best. You know what you think is best for them, but you don’t know. You don’t know their soul’s path. You don’t know what they are trying to heal from past lives. You don’t know what is really going on. So first, accept that you do not know what is best for them and remove your attachments.

Then pick one person, and three times a day, take a couple minutes and just BEAM them in Love. Just hold them in as much Love and Light as you can manage. No attachments. No desired outcomes. Just hold them in Love. Do that for thirty days and see what happens. Don’t do it with three people. One person for thirty days, three times a day, and watch what happens. Try it!

We would encourage you to put this into a program, your daily practice, shall we say. It is powerful! It is powerful! Because Love is what changes things. Love heals the fear that frees the creative energy but not in the ego fashion.

When you are not afraid of things… And what does afraid mean? Afraid does not mean you are standing, shivering, in your boots. Afraid is when you think about … Am I going to have enough money when I get old. Am I going to have to go to the doctor. Am I ever going to find a relationship. Am I, am I, am I. Those are all fears. And you know what? It is just so limiting and keeps you so bound.

You know, our desire is to see you be all that you have come here to be. Our desire is not to put burdens on you, or more rules, or more limitations. You have enough of those. You do not need us for that. Our desire is to help you to see the beauty, and the light, and the Love, that we see you are, but you have forgotten. We are just trying to help you to remember that.

So, we would encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes, three times per day, and hold one person for thirty days, and see what happens. You know you are not going to hurt them, don’t you.