What does it mean to get "centered"?


You mentioned the importance of getting centered in the morning. Can you say more about this?

Salem: Centered simply means taking a moment to move into the now–moment. Not the moment of what is going to happen twenty minutes from now, or what happened last night, but move your consciousness totally into the now–moment.

Now, in that now–moment, see the vastness of unlimited possibilities of All–That–Is. It is all there. Do not restrict, limit, or have any belief about what is possible. All is possible. In that moment of now and all–possibilities, see yourself as the Divine being that you are. See yourself totally as being only an expression of eternal beauty, love, harmony and grace. Honor yourself and believe you are that in this now–moment and let that expand into all of your energy fields: your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, any etheric energy that is around you, and all of the world that you are aware. As you connect in the now-moment from the God part of you, your Spirit, your Divinity, you will bring the balance of rhythm to the energy patterns that forms vibrations and the results are miraculous. Now why do we say do it in the morning? Because why not begin your day like that!