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Inward Journey is delighted to bring a subscription format that offers an easy and affordable way to keep up–to–date with Salem’s insightful and enlightening message each month. The format allows you the flexibility of having Salem’s message on a media that fits your life style (computer, ipod or mp3 player, CD etc).

Subscription sign-up is quick and easy, and downloading is as easy as a mouse click. To see how easy it is to download, check out our download demo page.

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2008 & Beyond: Preparing for 2012
(25MB download, 52min message)

Believing The Reality You Are
(12MB download, 25min message)

Subscription Rates

Only $5.00/month. Subscription is active until canceled by the subscriber or Inward Journey (for lack of payment, or other such valid reasons). In the event of price change, subscription renewal is required for the subscription to remain active.


Upon subscribing, you will select a username and password allowing you to login into your account and download Salem's monthly audio message. Your username and password can be changed at any time through the subscription management screens (available when you log in).

Subscription Entitlement

Your subscription consists of a new message from Salem each month. Subscription members are entitled to one complete download of each monthly message beginning from the start of your subscription until the subscription is canceled or terminated. New subscribers receive one free monthly message from Salem.

Subscription Payment

The monthly subscription rate will be charged to your account each month as long as your subscription is active.

Inward Journey's subscriptions must be paid through our online credit card payment processor--PayPal. Subscription payment processing requires that you either have or open a PayPal account. Each month, your subscription payment will be automatically processed through PayPal for the duration of your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime through Inward Journey or PayPal.

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