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A Transformative Experience
Applying the Salem principles to my life, over the past twenty plus years, has and continues to be the most transformative experience of my life. I have come to: a place of deep, deep peace; immense and genuine gratitude for all the vicissitudes of life; and a depth of sagacity previously unknown to me or within my realm of possibilities. I am grateful beyond measure for the teachings of Salem.  » Donna Wozniak, Otis, IN USA

Salem’s Message Adds Clarity to Life
Most of my religious life I felt a disconnection that I couldn’t define until my first experience hearing Diandra channel Salem. The message spoke to me and I know that what I was missing was understanding my spiritual power, my inner joy, peace and a Self that was beyond this physical body. This first meeting was in ’93, and since then, as I’ve listened to the steady, pragmatic, loving information that Salem has shared over the years, I have witnessed myself slowly learning and growing more into this understanding. These spiritual concepts have helped me see my life and the world in a healthier way, and I believe if each of us put this positive energy forth, we could change the fear and anger in the world and bring about peace.  » Linda Wittenburg, Evanston, IL USA

Help Through Stormy Seas
Thank you for all of the Salem messages. I have been in a new job assignment the last 6 months and there have been many opportunities to practice Salem’s specific advice to “stay in your center”. It has worked quite well, for it helped to guide me through stormy seas. That assignment is now over and I am smiling. I would like to express my gratitude for all of those who make the monthly messages possible. Thanks again for the Salem messages.  » William Kleist, Clay, NY USA

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