Chakra Clearing

A Fundamental Tool for Expanding Consciousness & Self–Awareness

Chakra clearing is a simple, but important tool you can incorporate into your daily practice to help remove the energy blockages and limiting effects of your perceptions. If you haven’t already, read the article “How to Change Your Perception From Confusion to Clarity” to more fully understand the affects of perceptions on your daily life.

In short, every thought, experience, or action you take forms a perception that is stored within your chakra system. Since you primarily live your life from your ego system, your perceptions of your life’s experiences have been tainted with fear, which is limiting. These same perceptions are then used to evaluate your current experiences keeping you bound in the same limiting parameters of your existence.

Your perceptions have placed limitations upon your life and for that reason you live from the perception of your experiences, not the experiences itself.

Living from Spirit is living in peace, harmony, joy, and Love. One way to lighten the heavy vibration of the ego’s concerns is through clearing your chakras. This process transforms the perceptions and blockages within the chakras, making your energy lighter (raising your vibration) and thereby easier to live from Spirit. The more you align with Spirit the less you will judge, and the more you will be in harmony with everything around you. (From the book “Experiencing Life through the Chakras” by Clarence Deigel).

Because we consider understanding the effects of your chakra system and clearing these effects to be so beneficial to progressing on your spiritual journey, a whole book was put together on just this subject: “Experiencing Life through the Chakras” by Clarence Deigel. The following is taken directly from chapter 6 “Working With Chakra System” of the book:

The Seven Energy Pathways

There are different means to work with energy or vibrational patterns, and the methods described in this book are certainly not the only way. People have made attempts to work with their chakra systems, to balance and harmonize the system, and undoubtedly positive effects are felt. But at times, these attempts only result in the vibrations being rearranged leaving large amounts of blocked energy still needing to be cleared.

To help you more effectively clear your chakras, seven energy pathways have been anchored and made available for your use. These pathways are simply a gift to the world from those in the universe who love you.

What are energy pathways, and why do you need them? Remember everything is energy in motion or vibrational patterns. Vibrational patterns can bump against other vibrational patterns, co–mingle, etc. All is one, so you are connected to all of the emotions and the distortions of the mass consciousness. You are a part of it because you are a soul experiencing and expressing in the humanity of mass consciousness. When you set intent, the intent may have to navigate through these vibrational patterns becoming distorted. The energy pathways are clear, vibrational fields without interference or resistance, so your intent to transform the vibrations within your chakras will not become distorted, and the clearing process is more effective.

The energy pathways have cut a path for you through the vibrations of the mass consciousness and are maintained in the same manner as your roads are maintained. You are not required to do anything to maintain these pathways. They are maintained and kept open for you, but just as a road you may choose to use the energy pathways or not. The energy pathways are available any time you choose to use them.

You may see these pathways as light or as anything that helps you to accept and utilize these pathways. Remember, the pathways are clear vibrational paths without distortion.

Your intent to enter the energy pathways simply puts you there.

Clearing the perceptions from the chakras is, therefore, not difficult. You have unlimited power and can do anything, but at times it can be difficult to go beyond the ego system and the mass consciousness. The energy pathways were established to be a powerful tool to help you go beyond the mass consciousness. You are encouraged to use them, but it is your choice. To clear the chakras without the energy pathways is like trudging over rocky terrain with a horse and buggy versus a jet. You can do it, and you can get there, but it is so much easier using the pathways!

Clearing the Chakras

Until you clear the vibrations of your perceptions from the chakras, you are asking a monumental task of yourself to be the spiritual being you know resides within you and creates without limitation. There are a few steps you can use daily to remove the effects of the perceptions stored in your chakras. It is not difficult to clear these vibrations, but it is a choice you must make.

Steps For Clearing The Chakras

  • Step 1 – Center yourself, quieting your thoughts and with your intent connect the seven energy pathways to your seven major chakras.
  • Step 2 – With your intent, allow all of the blocked energies and limiting perceptions stored within your chakra system to enter the energy pathways.
  • Step 3 – Send these blocked energies and limiting perceptions through the energy pathways into the Universal Consciousness of Love or pure, Divine Love allowing Love to heal and transform them. If you prefer, you can send these blocked energies and perceptions into a golden, white light where they are wrapped in the Divine Love of God or the universe, whatever Divine Love means to your mind.
  • Step 4 – Finally, allow all of these healed and transformed vibrations to return to you through the energy pathways and back to the originating chakras where they then heal, free, and empower you.

These four steps are suggested for clearing your chakras. You can use any other visuals or means you are comfortable with to clear these vibrations. But the key elements should entail: setting your intent to clear the chakras and release the blockages, allowing Love to heal and transform the blocked energies and limiting perceptions, and having the resulting healed and transformed vibrations being returned to you to empower your vibrational pattern. The reasons for the four steps are as follows:

  • Centering yourself and quieting your thoughts will enhance your focus and ability to clearly set your intent.
  • Setting intent is the activator for your will and thus a key part of the process. You can tune into the chakras and sense how clogged they are but that does not matter. The key is to set your intent to release and clear the blockages.
  • Allowing the blocked vibrations and perceptions to be wrapped in Love heals and transforms them removing the limitation and thus is another major step.
  • Having the healed and transformed vibrations being returned to you, allows you to be empowered from the process.

It is suggested you use the energy pathways to help clear these blockages easily and not with a lot of work, but that is your choice. The energy pathways are clear vibrational fields of intent anchored because everything is energy—energy in motion. You connect the pathways to each of your chakras and release the blockages and limiting perceptions stored in your chakras simply with your intent.

Do not have thoughts or lingering doubts you might clear something you need. This will not happen. All you are doing is allowing anything within your vibrational pattern that limits you to be cleared. Remember, once you create something, it is created forever. Once you have a thought it is yours for eternity, therefore you are not going to get rid of any creation. You may want to deny them, or not claim them, but they are your creations and a part of you. Your creations are your responsibility, but you can transform and heal those creations limiting you.

Therefore, send your blockages and limiting perceptions into the Universal Consciousness of Love, Divine Love, God, or whatever feels most comfortable to you, for unconditional love can heal all things. You see, there is only fear and love and love is the reality. Fear is the belief system (the illusion) that creates all limitations. Love is the vibration emanating from the Creator as the first vibration coming through energy. As such Love is the highest vibration capable of interacting with every vibration that exists. That is why Love is unlimited, total, complete and all encompassing. Love knows no limitations and has no limitations. Love cannot be diluted or affected by any vibrations other than its own. Therefore, Love is the great healer, and when you send your blockages into the field of Love, it heals and transforms the fear and now that same energy that limited you returns to empower you.

Finally, you must trust. You must trust not in some outside force but in yourself. You must trust that you have an unlimited Spirit, the God essence of creation manifested in your soul, which is your individualized expression of your creative power desiring to come forth. You are only Love, and Love desires to express through you; it is only the perceptions that limit you.

Clear the chakras everyday for thirty days, and in the days to follow you will begin to feel different. You will begin to experience life in ways not conceived of today. You will enjoy life more, and at the end of thirty days you will be well on your way to removing the blockages and limitations affecting your life. Now typically, you will not clear it all in thirty days, but if you are at least consistent for that length of time, you will begin to see within yourself the truth of what is being said.

Clearing the chakras is an important step you can take to open the possibilities in your life. Be assured what you are doing will have a great effect and benefit in the days and months to come. Subtle changes will be seen in how you react to the events, circumstances, and people you encounter in your life. You will open spiritually, and your vibrational pattern will change.

Clearing the chakras is similar to moving mounds and mounds of dirt or in this case energy blockages so a solid foundation can be laid for the new. You may feel these vibrations move or you may not. If you do, it simply means you are sensitive to these vibrations. If you do not, it only means you are not tuned into this vibrational level, but it does not mean it is not happening!

The more you allow yourself to become comfortable connecting to the energy pathways, and giving yourself permission to clear the chakras, it then becomes a simple and quick process of allowing the clearing to take place. Blockages taking years to clear before can now be cleared in days due to the energy pathways.

Methods described in this book are not meant to compete with any other methods you may be using to work with the chakras. The method described in this book is one suggested method and it does not matter which method is right, wrong, or best; but rather what works for you. What is important is to clear the blockages limiting your life’s possibilities.

Some direct quotes from Salem

“Maybe we don’t talk about it enough. Maybe you don’t do it enough, but if you don’t clear the chakras, we can promise you, you will never get to the state of being we are talking about because your perceptions will never allow you to let the ego be laid aside.”

“For instance, to clear your chakras we say send your blockages up the energy pathways. Well the energy pathways were created because there is an agreement between many different levels of energy consciousness and beings. It is vital, absolutely vital, for humanity to be able to clear the chakras.”

Tip: If you have trouble centering your self, use some soothing music to help calm your thoughts. The Harp of the Healing Waters by Erik Berglund we found to beneficial for this activity.

Disclaimer: Chakra clearing is a safe activity, but any type of meditative activity should not be done while operating machinery or any activity requiring your attention. See our Terms of Use.