Daily Steps to Keep Your World in Divine Order

Bringing you back to your center of creativity and power.

  1. Do not give too much energy to world affairs.
    • You are only feeding the vibrational pattern that is often disturbing to you.
    • You are only strengthening what is not in alignment with your purpose.
  2. When you first open your eyes in the morning, train yourself that the first thoughts coming from your mind are blessings for your life and all things you will become aware of that day.
    • Ask for Divine blessings on you, your life, your surroundings, and everything you are aware of this day.
  3. As you begin your day, take a moment of total silence, let your mind go blank and check what you are feeling.
    • How do you feel? Are you feeling peace, strength, confidence, for the day as it unfolds before you? What are you feeling?
    • The mind will try to translate your feelings by putting them into words, but initially just feel.
    • Do not try to decide what you are feeling.
    • Now write down what you feel.
    • Release your perceptions into the universe of unconditional Love.
  4. At the end of the day when you go to bed, give thanks for all the blessings that came to you and through you and for the Divine Blessings that reached all that you were aware of that day.
    • You do not have to know what they are or even like them but give thanks for those blessings.
  5. As you fall asleep ask that there be “Clarity of Consciousness”.
    • During your sleep time a lot of interpretation of perceptions, events and things that happened during the day will be cleared and you will begin to see your Divine Purpose.
    • Ask as you awake the next day if you can become aware of anything you did not know, or can see differently, understand better, have more compassion, less anger.
    • The Clarity of Consciousness will begin to clear the emotional perceptional patterns. You will begin to see things more from a Spiritual, Divine, perspective.

Choose to use these steps on a daily basis. Do not worry about trying to change something. Do not go to the mind to see if it thinks differently. Do not think! Rather trust there is an energy force doing the work for you; transforming the ego into a place of safety.