Believe the Reality That You Are

Three Steps to Help You Move From Your Ego to the Reality That You Are

To help you live life from the “Reality That You Are” instead of from the your ego, Salem has given three steps to incorporate into your daily–practice. The very first step, of course, is choosing to live your life in this manner, for the ego has a great time playing its role because it has lots of ego–friends to play with. So you must choose what you really want: Ego or Reality. Then incorporate these three steps into your daily practice.

Three Steps

  • Step 1 – At least once a day, and if possible twice a day (morning and night), clear your chakras. When the chakras are clear, perceptions no longer fuel the ego’s belief that what you are experiencing is a problem or a threat. You do not have to know what was the perception. You will feel differently and things you were fearful of you will now feel more confident to pursue. So clear your chakras! It is imperative and we cannot emphasize it enough. At least once daily, twice daily would be great, morning and night.
  • Step 2 – When you go to bed at night, set your intent that you want your consciousness clear enough and your subconscious in remission enough to bring the power of your higher self, the part of you that is the reality of love, into your consciousness. Bring that reality into your consciousness for guidance, clarity, direction, peace, and power that it just flows through you. If you need to include the ego then say, “Ego come along and look and you will see that you are safe and this is a better way”.
  • Step 3 – During your day, stop and read your own mind with three different types of experiences. Such as when you meditate, mow the lawn, watch television or a movie, etc. What is you mind saying, thinking, and feeling? How are your emotions? How are you responding and reacting to these experiences or situations? Are you in peace? Are you feeling safe? Is the experience enriching your power? Only you can answer these questions. So three times a day, everyday, stop and check in with three different types of activities. Pay attention to how you are responding to your life. This should become a natural, contemplative, introspective look at how you are choosing to live your life on the planet.

We will tell you this: If you will be faithful to practicing these three steps for a thirty–day period you will be a different person. You will feel differently. Things won’t bother you as much.

Disclaimer: Chakra clearing is a safe activity, but any type of meditative activity should not be done while operating machinery or any activity requiring your attention. See our Terms of Use.

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