Seven Steps That Empower & Enlighten Your Everyday Life

1. Transform Your Perceptions Through Clearing Your Chakras
You place perceptions upon your experiences. The perceptions of all your experiences from all your lifetimes are stored in your seven major chakras which are energy centers in your body. Your perceptions of pain, fear and limitation shape your reality of how the world works, how you create, and the boundaries of your existence in this world. You transform perceptions by sending them into the power of universal love simply by setting your intent to do so during meditation. For your perceptions to reach universal love undistorted simply see them traveling up clear energy pathways. For more information on your chakras and clearing your chakras, get your copy of Experiencing Life Through the Chakras.
2. Natural Meditation: Daily Calming Your Mind To Open To Your Soul For Guidance & Rejuvenation
You can effectively meditate each day for as little as five minutes. Find whatever amount of time that is comfortable for you to meditate on a consistent daily basis. It is more effective to meditate for 30 seconds everyday than for 30 minutes once a week.
3. Non-Judgment
Non-judgment is letting go of judgment while still using the freedom of discernment. As long as you judge you cannot detach from the dictatorship of safe or unsafe. You will continue to hold onto your limitations because judgment is an actual energy that sustains the creation of fear, limitation, and pain.
4. Detachment
Detachment is letting go of your needs and embracing your desires. It is the act of trusting and allowing the creative power of your divinity in harmony with the universe to open the doors and make the connections that will manifest your desires versus depending on your attachments to fulfill your needs.
5. Living In The Now Moment
The now moment is a place within your consciousness that is not limited by the past or the future. You’re connected to your totality and know time and space are unreal.
6. Love Unconditionally By Honoring The Divinity In All People & Situations

Honoring is seeing and connecting to the divinity in all things. All things are an expression of divinity so it is possible to honor or see the divinity in all things. Without knowing there is divinity in all things, you struggle. When you do not allow everything to be a part of you, you feel separate and have a need for survival. Honoring melts or heals the fear in your life. You cannot heal if you do not trust and allow your unconditional love to keep you safe.

Honoring is to love unconditionally. Unconditional love flows from your spirit and has the power to manifest your desires and heal your pain. It is not the same as the conditional love of the emotions.

7. Seeing & Following Your Vision
A vision is which of the many paths do you desire to travel on your souls’ great journey. In the muck of your fear you cannot have a clear vision. As you apply the principles you begin to find the clarity to see the vision.