Transform Your Creations

Freeing your creations from limitation.

Make the following declaration your choice:


I choose to go beyond my limitation and experience this world from my point of all-possibilities that I am.

I honor my ego, my creations, and the existence of every thought–form I have ever had since I entered the physical dimension.

I bring forth into the light, and Love unconditionally, everything I have ever spoken, thought, or created on all levels of consciousness that have an effect upon my existence in this world.

I call forth all that I have created: past, present, and future; joining with my creations in one nucleus of self-awareness; infusing those creations with the Divine Love of all-possibilities so that all I have created knows it is safe and is transformed into All-That-Is.


Choose to use this declaration on a daily basis. Do not worry about trying to change anything. Do not go to the mind to see if it thinks differently. Do not think! Rather trust that you have set into motion an energy force that is doing the work for you of transforming the ego into a place of safety.

“Daily Practice Tools” are methods, techniques, or excerises Salem has recommended that you can incorporate into your everyday life to promote your spiritual growth. These are suggested practices for your consideration. Use what works for you and resonates within you. The “Print-Tool” link is provided to print the practice and have it readily available for your use.