Understanding and working with the chakras is an important step in being able to center yourself in the power that you are, recognizing your unlimited being–ness and the possibilities of your creative existence.


Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

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The important role your chakras play in your life is explained in this unique work based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra.

by: Clarence Deigel

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Latest Salem Message

Title: Salem Message February 2020
February 2020

Synopsis: Salem monthly message for February 2020. Listen to an excerpt... 

Daily Practice Tips

Staying on your path

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Believing The Reality That You Are

The ego is a belief system. So how do you believe in the “Reality That You Are” rather than believe and live your life from the ego. Salem in a recent message has given three steps to help you do just that. read more »

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Questions For Salem

Mind inquiries

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What does it mean to get "centered"?

Question: You mentioned the importance of getting centered in the morning. Can you say more about this?

Salem: Centered simply means taking a moment to move into the now–moment. Not the moment of what is going to happen twenty minutes from now, or what happened last night, but move your consciousness totally into the now–moment. read more »

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Article Spotlight

Understanding for the mind

Title: Living Without Need
March 2013

Summary: Living without needs is scary for humanity. You may be able to let go of a few of your needs but all of them and still be safe? Yes, when you know who you are and come from that power. With the way the energies are now on the planet, you have to take the action and begin to move beyond the ego's needs. read more…

Title: Two Sides of a Coin
February 2013

Summary: Salem describes the inherent attributes of your Spirit (Joy, Harmony, Peace, and Love) and contrasts that with opposite attributes of the ego's emotional body (Sadness, Conflict, Turmoil, and Hate). How these Spiritual and emotional attributes effect your energy and daily life are explored. Realize you can choose to respond to life from your Spirit or from your emotional body. read more…

Title: Transition
March 2012

Summary: Humanity and the planet, at this time, are undergoing a large transition. The energies are now so clear and powerful that everything is amplified. This produces one of the greatest, most opportune, times to heal, transform, and manifest; or it can be a time that is unsettling and scary. read more…

1 to 3 Minutes a Day to Transform Our World

earth image We invite you to take time everyday to hold our world in Love.

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"Peak Time For World Transformation "

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"One person in love can heal 100,000 in fear." - Salem
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