Healing The World

Creating from the power of Love

The planet is in a protective light of Love. External influences that have reinforced fear on the planet have been removed. It is now up to humanity, you, to continue to transform the fear and pain so what is created is from the power of your Love. Now is a wonderful and opportune time to heal and impact your world!

How to do it!

Salem has given some steps you can adopt to help in this important endeavor.

  1. Take time everyday to choose to go beyond the appearances (denying the appearance) in your world, and use your creative power to go into the vibrational energy patterns filling them with unconditional Love. Salem recommends doing this three times a day: morning, during the day, and at the end of the day. It does not have to be long, two minutes is enough if you are focused. But any time you can give to this activity will have a heightened impact on your world, especially now.

  2. To be effective, make sure you take a moment to first center yourself. If you are coming from your ego you are hardly in a place to infuse unconditional Love. That means removing your judgments of what ever you are wanting to heal or transform; removing your need for the creation to change for that is typically driven by fear, and honoring the right of the creation to exist.

  3. Set your intent to use your creative power, your Soul’s energy, to move into the Divine Love and perfect–ness of Spirit and connect with the vibrational rhythm pattern infusing it with Love.

That’s it! You are done. You have just used your awesome, creative power, to bring about the perfect manifestation of Divine harmony, joy, and Love to the planet and your world.

Remember, you are not doing this to make the outcome what you think it should be or judge the results of these efforts, for that is ego. You are simply allowing the Divine Perfection of your creative power that goes beyond the understanding of your ego and your mental capacities to be a power on the planet at this time.

Trust that by going beyond the appearances and into the vibration and infusing it with Love, that Love knows how best to heal and transform the creation for the highest and best good of all, and that includes you, even if that is not what you think it should be.