Peak Time for World Transformation

THIS IS SALEM and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We have a request that we consider important enough to say to you and ask you. Please find the time to honor this particular request. If you will, at 6:30 pm, (U.S. central time zone) on a daily basis, please stop from one to three minutes—three being ideal but only one if you can—and please hold your whole world, all life forms, all tangible and intangible thought forms and existences, in light and love. Do this in any manner that works for you.

If you need visualization, see your world in light and then you are stepping into the center of that light and enhancing the light. That would be the way that we would recommend. Just see yourself in the center of a lighted world and you are the center that is amplifying light and love. If you are not visual, and that is not something that feels comfortable for you, then say a prayer. Just ask that the world be surrounded with love and light and transformation, again, at 6:30 pm on a daily basis from one minute to three minutes.

Now, we would not ask you to do this without giving you some explanation as to why. This particular time is a critical time when energies are peaked. That may not be true in six months or nine months, but right now this is a peak energy time, and therefore, it is the greatest time that you can do a transformation. That is for your time zone, of course. Somewhere else, it may be a different time. But it is the energies; it is the peaking of the energies. And so while the energies are at their very peak, this is the time you can impact them the most.

So we are asking you that if anything will make a difference in your world, then this is something you can give to your world. You can ask anyone you like that you think will listen. If they are in a different time zone, then reconstruct that time zone to 6:30 pm (U.S. central time zone). But for anyone you think will do this, it is something that can have a dynamic effect upon your planet at this time.

Why, besides the energies being so peaked? Because everything right now is just open. Nothing is real fixed at this moment. You have revolutions taking place. You have events that are churning up the waters, so–to–speak, taking place. You also have some good things that are happening on your planet. So there is a lot of activity. The ground is plowed up shall we say. So it is a time that humanity is truly setting courses for the future and this is a very dynamic, positive, input.

You do not have to do anything. Now, you may feel like you want to do something and that is fine. But we are asking that you just “be the light of transformation” for one to three minutes on a daily basis at 6:30 pm.

Now you may say to me, well what if my clock at 6:30 is two minutes off from Susie's clock at 6:30. That is fine. There is actually a range of time in there, but 6:30 is the peak, and so, therefore, that is good enough you see. So we wanted to ask this of you, hoping that you will recognize the importance of what we are asking you to do.

copyright Diandra 2011